Day 3 update after EC others experiences

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2019isouryear Sat 27-Apr-19 12:28:38

I have had 6 eggs fertilise and received update this morning and 6 are still in the running which is great news, but none at the minute of top quality. Told 1 is poor quality (4 cells) and 5 are average (2x 5 cells, 2x 6 cells, 1x 7 cells). This is our first round of IVF so every stage is new to me and DH. Nurse did tell me that they where at were they shud be and gradings can change between now and mon when I am booked in for ET 🤞🏻 they keep growing. I did feel a bit despondent with the update but remaining positive. Shud I be reading too much into numbers / grading at this stage. So hard when you have no control over the potential outcome.

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Two4Joy Sat 27-Apr-19 15:09:58

Things can definitely change from day 3-5. This cycle, On day 3 I had 7 x 6-cell embryos and 7 x lower quality ones. I ended up with 8 blastocysts so all the average ones made it and one of the poorer quality ones caught up.

However on my previous cycle I had a couple of top quality 8 and 9 cell embryos on day 3, but none made it to blastocyst.

So definitely try and stay positive and don't read too much into it. Fingers crossed for a positive update on Monday!

2019isouryear Sat 27-Apr-19 15:51:42

Thanks @Two4Joy

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