Elective freeze-all cycle

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BabyBadger2 Sat 27-Apr-19 00:22:03

I have decided to freeze my embryos to avoid ohss as I’m high risk (due to polycystic ovaries). Has anyone else done this and if so how many full cycles did you /will you wait before putting the embryos put back in?

I know it was the right thing to do for it health and my pregnancy chances, but I’m impatient!

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miracleon13th Sat 27-Apr-19 06:36:41

Mine wasn't elective as had early stage OHSS But i did a natural drug free transfer - I had a post egg collection bleed about 5 days after EC and then got my normal period about 2 weeks after that so I actually transferred them 10 days later so for me it was around a month (I was on short protocol ivf though so my periods came much quicker than a lot of people) x

Littlelot Sat 27-Apr-19 08:02:29

Ive just done this - 6 embryos frozen on Tuesday. Again I had ohss risks but also our embryologist has recently been researching natural cycle fet (our centre is linked to Cambridge Uni so lots of research!) and recommended it to us regardless as their studies have shown significantly higher success rates when transferring embryos in a non-medicated cycle (puts odds over 50% also using the fancy incubator for monitoring embryo development). I have to wait a full cycle for all the drugs to leave my system and the will have an embryo implanted the following cycle using bodies natural hormone cycle. It’s a lot of waiting but for us the difference in odds really was significant.

mouse1234567 Sat 27-Apr-19 08:31:59

Hi I developed a polyp in my treatment this month and possibly a bit of OHSS so had to do freeze all. I got me period a week after EC will downreg on day 14-25. Get my period a few days later and then do HRT and hope to transfer day 19. So I guess it’s about two months post EC for a medicated cycle.

sandytoes84 Sat 27-Apr-19 11:06:24

Freeze all due to OHSS here. Due to NHS funding I had to wait 6 months until the next financial year before FET, which I’m finally having next week.

I had a rough time with stimulation and egg collection, so I was quite pleased to get the break and enjoy life for a few months knowing my haul was safe in the freezer!

ginandtonicformeplease Sat 27-Apr-19 16:39:14

Freeze all due to OHSS here. I waited a couple of months after EC to give my body time to recover before I started on meds again.

BabyBadger2 Sat 27-Apr-19 22:06:29

Thanks all. To those who had a transfer within 1-2 months and were successful, did you get any OHSS symptoms after the transfer?

@Littlelot - yes, my consultant said I'd probably have a better chance with a FET too so hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.

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