IVF timeline from start of meds

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ivfround3zoe Fri 26-Apr-19 08:23:31

@Zest11 good luck xx

Zest11 Thu 25-Apr-19 21:15:19

Thank you so much for your replies, it's so helpful to get an idea of what to expect and have a rough idea of timings in my head. Hopefully this will all be done by the end of July then - I just need closure one way or another now xx

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Cottipus Thu 25-Apr-19 19:39:41

When I did long protocol it was (as far as I remember):

Day 21- 14 days of buserelin injections.

After that- scan and check ovaries “quiet”. Started stimming injections. Approx 10 days of stims with regular scans to check follicle growth.

Once folllicles ready, trigger shot and egg collection 2 days later.

Embryo transfer 3 days later.

Return to clinic for blood test 11 days later.

It will vary between clinics and patients but around 6 weeks for the process.

ivfround3zoe Thu 25-Apr-19 17:55:06

I can help! I'm going through I'm going 2nd fresh round of ivf and currently in my 2ww . So I started my period and on day 1 I call the clinic and let them know.. nothing happens for 21 days then on day 21 you will start your nasel spray. You will then keep going with that for another 21 days and will have a down regulation scan. ( this is to check you are all quiet and nothing is happening ) if you get the all clear you will inject for Aprox 10 days.. you will have a scan on day 7 and 9 of injections to check how well your follicles are growing. I had to keep going any extra couple of days this time as mine was a bit slow. Usually on the 12th day of starting the injections you will do a trigger shot and have your egg collection 48 hours later. Then after your egg collection you will go in on day 5 to have your embryo transferred. You will then need to wait another 10 days to do your home pregnancy test. I started my nasel spray on 5th March and now I'm 4 days into having my embryo transfer. Mine did get delayed a week as I had a cyst but that managed to sort itself out. Hope this helps xx

Joijoijo Thu 25-Apr-19 17:47:53

I also need this information. I start in june

Zest11 Thu 25-Apr-19 16:12:20


Please could you share your experience of how long IVF took? I have been told to ring up on day 1 of my period and will meet with the nurses etc to go through medication. They said I will down reg on day 21. Please could you give me a timeline of how long each stage took for you (e.g. down reg, stimulating, egg collection, egg transfer etc) from starting the meds to either a bfp or bfn.

For the first time in this 2.5 yr process I am actually looking forward to a fertility treatment! I know first time IVF may be more diagnostic than successful but I am hoping we will at least have some answers to our "unexplained" infertility!

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