Sperm testing- How long did you wait for app?

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Kelly199 Fri 26-Apr-19 08:15:45

@MrsP240518 I think it varies massively from area to area. I assumed this was one of the quicker processes as my dp went to gp on a Thursday (got told same as you that I couldn't have anything further until he's had sa).
GP gave us a form (he filled in bits he needed to) and we had to call the clinic ourselves to book it in. We had a choice of two clinics and I called both to see if they had one for the Monday after as we were both of work and luckily one of them had one left! It must depend on the process of different gp surgeries and clinics.
Good luck and hope it's the shorter end of the scale for you!! X

For the cost of the test, I wish we'd gone privately. Had letter last May/june and didn't have first test until September. Needed second, and it's not happening until this May. For the sake of a year out waiting I'm thinking the two £100 tests would have been worth it!

Just a note, be ready to support your husband if things are not great on his end. Mine has been struggling big time since the result came back from the first.

VenusStarr Thu 25-Apr-19 14:27:58

Sorry you're in this position @MrsP240518 my dh's SA appointment letter came through relatively quickly and it was about 2 months after our GP appointment. However he then got a letter to postpone the SA a further 2 months (nearly 5 months from the initial GP appointment).

In the end he went and had it done privately, was £100 I think and got the results the same day. It still took the GP a further 3 weeks to send the fertility clinic our details. We have our first clinic appointment in a couple of weeks.

Be prepared to have to keep chasing. Good luck.

MrsP240518 Thu 25-Apr-19 14:07:21

Hi All, TTC number 1 since March last year, sadly no luck. I've had blood tests for thyroid and to check ovulation, also had a full MOT for any STI's and all clear. My doctors won't do anymore testing on me until hubby has had a sperm analysis. He was told it can take 4-10 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less big sigh. I know each area can be different but just wondering how long you had to wait for the appointment, we're currently on week 3?

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