Success with low grade c embryos

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ivfround3zoe Thu 25-Apr-19 13:31:17

Hi everyone. This is my 2nd fresh ivf cycle. My first round I had 3 embryos , 2 low grades and had an early miscarriage in Feb If last year. I had a FET in December with a grade C and a BFN and now so completed another fresh round but I have the same issue that my embryos are low grade and are both C graded and that's why that gave put 2 back in. I am 4dp5dt and got given a 30-35% chance of it working so I feel like I have lost all hope. Anyone with any low grave embryos that have success to keep me going?

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Cutesbabasmummy Sun 19-May-19 09:06:39

ivfround3zoe yes that's exactly what I had. Apparently it's more common with ivf pregnancies. I literally had blood pouring out if me at 8 weeks and my poor friend at work had to mop it off of the toilet floor at work before driving me to the EPU. I got a scan the following morning and the baby was still going strong! The blood is coming from the placenta. Try to stay calm and if possible get lots of rest. I took a week sick off work to let things settle. I had bleeding right up to about 16 weeks. I have everything crossed for you. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat off this board xx

ivfround3zoe Sat 18-May-19 19:35:35

@Cutesbabasmummy so now I have been diagnosed with a subchronic hematoma! This is what you had? I had severe cramps in the night and a lot of red bleeding j went to the EPU and they said it's large and on top of the sac I'm now very worried about this and she said it could go either way! Was yours large? I'm worried as it's in a bad place too! And seems to have grown big in 1 1/2 days! Xxx

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Cutesbabasmummy Fri 17-May-19 08:16:13

ivfround3zoe fabulous news! Xxx

ivfround3zoe Thu 16-May-19 21:19:40

I can't believe it was saw our little miracle today with a heartbeat 💗 feel so overwhelmed and emotional and so so grateful. Thank you ladies for all your support I'm so happy xx

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Cutesbabasmummy Wed 15-May-19 18:22:33

Try not to. I had huge bleed at 6 weeks then it stopped and then another huge one st 8 weeks. Bled all the way past 12 weeks. But little bean was fine x

ivfround3zoe Wed 15-May-19 18:12:33

I actually had some more bleeding yesterday I can't believe it I'm so worried will find out tomorrow with the ultrasound I'm worried sick! Xx

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Cutesbabasmummy Tue 14-May-19 11:16:21

ivfround3zoe that's great news! How exciting! Roll on Thursday! Be prepared for your baby to look like a seahorse! Xx

ivfround3zoe Tue 14-May-19 10:52:03

@Cutesbabasmummy hey aww thank you for asking! So I went in for hcg blood tests last week and they were doubling as they should and the bleeding has stopped!!! I have a scan Thursday as il be 6+2, I'm really anxious about it but everything else seems ok ok
In shock and can't really believe it when I get to the scan and that's ok i think il relax a little
More or maybe not hahah xxx

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Cutesbabasmummy Tue 14-May-19 10:13:46

ivfround3zoe how are you doing? X

Cutesbabasmummy Sat 04-May-19 21:30:00

Sending flowers

ivfround3zoe Sat 04-May-19 20:21:18

@Cutesbabasmummy it's so scary isn't it! Thank you il let you know any changes good or bad 🤞🏼🤞🏼 xxx

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Cutesbabasmummy Sat 04-May-19 20:12:09

Of course you do! I was sure my week 6 bleed was a miscarriage. Then at 8 weeks they kept me in and started talking about having to operate! But little bean was still in there the next morning ! Dint give up yet xxx

RedPandaFluff Sat 04-May-19 20:11:05

It's so stressful, @ivfround3zoe - the waiting is interminable. I don't know why they talk about the two-week-wait - it's not two weeks, it's more like a sodding month by the time you have a scan.

Hang in there - if you google, you'll find loads and loads of women talking about how common bleeding in early pregnancy is, which can be reassuring.

Obviously the better thing to do would be to busy yourself and try not to think about it, but I know from experience that's completely impossible!

ivfround3zoe Sat 04-May-19 20:05:06

@Cutesbabasmummy oh you girls really give me hope!!! Because I'm on the 3rd day and it's not stopped I'm worrying it's not a proper period but I just see blood and I am thinking negative. Well that's why I rang the emergency dr snd he said not to worry just yet! How the he'll can I not lol! My first scan is on 16th xxx

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Cutesbabasmummy Sat 04-May-19 19:55:18

Hey flower! I had bright red blood literally dripping out of me all over the floor and my bean still made it.I think its really common with ivf. Can you get an emergency scan at your early pregnancy unit? Xx

ivfround3zoe Sat 04-May-19 19:51:47

@RedPandaFluff hey ! And no it hasn't it's turned pink and I'm filling a pad in one day and it's every time I wipe sorry tmi. I called the emergency dr as I'm sooo worried it's going wrong again he told me to rest drink lots and re test in 4 days! Just not feeling good about it 😞 xxx

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RedPandaFluff Sat 04-May-19 19:43:21

How are you doing, @ivfround3zoe? Has the discharge stopped?

ivfround3zoe Thu 02-May-19 12:57:12

@Cutesbabasmummy thank you so much and I do read so much about bleeding especially having ivf il keep you updated they have already booked my scan I just need to try and keep positive thanks ladies xxx

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ivfround3zoe Thu 02-May-19 12:56:15

@RedPandaFluff thank you I know what you mean I said to the nurse I don't think I will ever not worry! Yes I'm on progesterone 3 x a day! I'm just praying this isn't a chemical pregnancy 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Cutesbabasmummy Thu 02-May-19 12:09:17

ivfround3zoe I had huge bleeds at 6 and 8 weeks and bled all the way to 15 weeks but I have a healthy and mischievous 4 year old son now. Try not to worry but ask for extra scans if it gets heavy. I had sub choronic haematoma.

RedPandaFluff Thu 02-May-19 12:01:03

@ivfround3zoe that's fantastic! Congratulations!

I hate to break it to you but you will ALWAYS worry. Now you've had your BFP, you will worry about your first scan. Once you've had your first scan, you will worry about the next one. It's just a series of new and evolving worries and obsessions! Best thing you can do is say "today I am pregnant; I will deal with whatever tomorrow brings tomorrow".

Are you on progesterone? I was for all four of my cycles and I got backache and cramps every single time, so I reckon it's perfectly normal. The discharge is likely to be from implantation. If the cramps get severe, or you have bright red bleeding, contact your clinic.

Yay! :-)

ivfround3zoe Thu 02-May-19 10:38:20

So now I'm worrying.. you would think I should be happy! Xxx

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ivfround3zoe Thu 02-May-19 10:37:41

I got a positive test!!!! I'm happy but I'm scared I have had brown discharge today and period cramps and back ache for last few days! It's not the darkest of lines but I think because of my history I'm just so scared xxx

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RedPandaFluff Wed 01-May-19 16:36:04

Please let us know how you get on tomorrow - crossing everything for you!

ivfround3zoe Wed 01-May-19 15:47:10

@Teddybear45 @ellesbellesxxx thank you girls I only have one day to go till test date I'm so so so nervous as I know whatever the reason is it will be final but thank you you have given me hope 🙏🏻🙏🏻 amazing story's xxx

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