Does time reallyMake a difference?

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Rspu1384 Wed 24-Apr-19 20:40:28

Probably a stupid question but I’ve read that The length of time a couple have been infertile could affect ivf success :/ (several years) me and dh have been naturally ttc for several years now so I’m really worried it will affect our chances?! Am I being stupid?
My dh has severe male factor and I have No known issues. Will the length of
Time we’ve been ttc really affect it when we do a cycle? We are starting early 2020

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sandytoes84 Wed 24-Apr-19 20:43:47

Well I’m not there yet, but have been ttc for 7 years and only started ivf last year. Freeze all cycle due to OHSS but I have 20 (!) frozen embryos and the first are about to be returned. So even if it’s been a long time I think with new treatments etc every step is like a new chance. Good luck!

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