West Berks Community Hospital or JR Oxford??

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whoatemytwix Wed 24-Apr-19 12:16:36

We have been referred for fertility assessment and can choose between West Berkshire Community Hospital or John Radcliffe. Has anyone got any experience of either?

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rainylake Sat 27-Apr-19 19:15:30

I had treatment at Oxford. You may have an initial assessment at the JR but if you end up having IVF they will refer you to the Oxford Fertility Clinic. I had a positive experience there. Feel free to PM me.

SinkGirl Sat 27-Apr-19 19:17:00

Not for infertility but I had all my endo treatment at the JR after my local was awful. They’re absolutely wonderful and know what they’re doing - if you may have endometriosis then absolutely go there, I travel from 3+ hours away to go there for this.

whoatemytwix Sun 28-Apr-19 12:18:54

Thanks both. In the end I was offered an appointment at a satellite clinic connected to RBH. If we go for treatment/further investigations I can switch into the JR I believe. Thanks so much.

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YouBoggleMyMind Mon 29-Apr-19 00:35:30

Was also treated at Oxford Fertility Clinic and was well looked after. Only had bloods done at the JR.

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