Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

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Kkd85 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:15:24

Hi ladies was told on 11th march at a fertility appointment that it's a slim chance I would have another child due to thin womb DH and I had been trying since Oct 2017. My bladder is also attached to my womb and have scar tissue due to a csection nearly 7 years ago. Ended up falling pregnant finding out on the 30 th march sadly started miscarrying on the 3rd April ended up needing methotrexate as it was PUL. Was due to get my lap on the 19th April but it was put back due to Pregnancy. Was jus after some advice as to what to expect with the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and how long did it take to fall pregnant after it thanks xxx

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Minibow Tue 23-Apr-19 21:39:55

Not sure if it's the same thing but I know someone who had a lap- there lots of problems discovered and rectified during the op.

She was told to wait six weeks before trying and got pregnant on the second cycle.

This was after 3 years of trying.

Kkd85 Tue 23-Apr-19 21:59:29

Thanks for your reply. I have read on a few websites that the second cycle is most common for ones to fall pregnant after a lap hope its the same for me xx

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Zest11 Thu 25-Apr-19 16:17:34

Hi, I had a hysteroscopy in Jan 2018 and got a tiny polyp removed. This was absolutely fine and I was awake throughout. I then had a lap at the end of Apr 2018 and this required a bit more recovery time...a good week and the bloating afterwards waa horrid! I had a chemical pregnancy in september and nothing since! Good luck! X

Kkd85 Thu 25-Apr-19 16:37:41

Thanks for your reply have heard the bloating is ment to be terrible. Did they find much when your lap was done. Sorry to hear about your chemical hope it happens for you soon. They have given me a date for the 3rd July they said they need to give time to heal from miscarriage can't wait to get it all done and by me so I can start trying again xxx

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Zest11 Thu 25-Apr-19 21:12:10

That's okay, so sorry to hear about your mc. It's odd they said you had a low chance but then got pregnant! No they found nothing with the lap. I actually asked for it to rule out endo which they did so we have unexplained. I was sore afterwards and took morphine for a few days. The bloating probably took about 2 weeks or so to go down xx.

Kkd85 Thu 25-Apr-19 21:26:42

Yea it was so odd falling pregnant they said about the womb being thin and to stop trying to I had the lap which I did and then found out I was pregnant. Is it unexplained infertility you have? I know I have scar tissue and the lap is to separate the womb and bladder. Dreading getting it done but know it needs to be done xxx

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Zest11 Thu 25-Apr-19 21:37:35

Oooh that's good that they are able to try and fix things a bit. My SIL had a lap to get rid of endo and she fell pregnant just a couple of months later. Yes we have unexplained. It gets a bit boring being told that everything looks good but then to just not get pregnant. Have had a few IUIs which have always looked good but nothing. We will be starting IVF soon so I am hoping that will at least give me some answers!

Kkd85 Thu 25-Apr-19 22:49:05

Yea hope they get it sorted its all happened since I had my csection in 2012. I really hope all works out for you I'm sure your jus really frustrated with it being unexplained it's bound to make it alot harder for you xx

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mouse1234567 Fri 26-Apr-19 06:40:54

Hi OP. Good luck with your lap -they are the good standard for sorting stuff out! I am ttc number 1 and had one last August-after i was told to try naturally for 6 months -sadly no bfp. It def can happen but also wanted to offer an honest alternative perspective that sometimes it doesn’t. Often people with endo fall pregnant naturally after but also often they require IVF it seems. Im now moving to IVF-but I also have polycystic ovaries too and haven’t had a child previously. So fingers crossed this is what you need and it will happen for you soon after. Best of luck. I hope this info doesn’t bring you down -but I think it’s important to hear all perspectives.

Kkd85 Fri 26-Apr-19 14:21:45

Hi mouse thanks for your reply. Hope all goes well with the IVF I'm sure it's been such a hard time for you. I jus hope that when I get the lap done there isn't too much wrong inside and it's all easily fixed the womb and bladder etc. It would be nice to fall pregnant when its all done ds would love a brother or sister but jus have to wait and see what it will bring xxx

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