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Menstruation FIVE days after egg retrieval

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MabelPickles Thu 18-Apr-19 09:42:13

Hi all,

Google has no answers for me and currently my fertility clinic is closed because of Easter (I’m not in the UK) so I can’t call. I hope someone can ease my mind!

Last Saturday I had my very first egg retrieval. It’s a freeze-all cycle due to PCOS/risk of overstimulation, so no fresh transfer. Still waiting to hear if any blastocyst are frozen (today is day 5).

This morning I woke up with period pains (blamed the egg retrieval for that), but when I got up it’s a bloody menstruation mess, only FIVE days after the egg retrieval.

Is this normal? Or at least, is this something to worry about?

Luckily there was no fresh transfer planned but I wasn’t expecting a period just FIVE days after the retrieval and somewhat ‘ovulation’. Help?

Little bit more info about me: Dutch, 29, PCOS, ttc for 2 years but I don’t have a natural cycle/ovulation at all so wouldn’t call it ‘ttc’.
First IUI (january) 1 follicle, got period 2 weeks later so not pregnant.
Second IUI (march/april) not cancelled but was converted to an escape-IVF as I suddenly had 5 big follicles. In the end: 10 eggs retrieved, 5 day2 embryo’s, still waiting on blastocyst update as it’s only day 5 today. Was risk for overstimulation as the IUI protocol (75 IU Menopur) already resulted in 10+ follicles, so freeze-all.

Can anyone calm my mind a bit? Is it weird to get your period just FIVE days after an egg retrieval?

DaisyMay25 Thu 18-Apr-19 09:50:40

Hi OP unfortunately I don't know the answer to this, I did a bit of browsing myself and found this old forum

It seems to be along the lines of the people who get their period early aren't taking progesterone after EC. I also read that a trigger shot called Lapron(?) with no hcg you'll get a period around seven days after.

Sorry I can't be more help.

MabelPickles Thu 18-Apr-19 10:04:55

Thank you DaisyMay25!

I indeed didn't have progesterone to support the lining and I didn't have hCG as a trigger shot (also not Lupron, but something else). And at least someone else experienced it too smile just expected it to come around 14 days after the trigger shot, not a meager 5 days.

In quite some pain right now as well. Was still bloated and some tenderness/pain from the egg retrieval and now BOOM a heavy period. My body doesn't get any rest. Ugh.

Persipan Thu 18-Apr-19 10:08:20

I really wouldn't worry. Call your clinic for reassurance when they open back up, but I'd imagine you aren't currently taking progesterone, since you'll be having an FET in a future cycle? Progesterone is what holds your period off, basically - and since you haven't ovulated in the normal way, your body isn't producing its own progesterone as it would if you had done.

MabelPickles Thu 18-Apr-19 10:17:27

Thanks Persipan!

Indeed no progesterone. My IUI protocol was pretty much the same as my IVF protocol as it was an escape-IVF, so I expected it to be kinda the same - menstruation 14 days after trigger.

Thanks both! I'll just hang in there then. It does speed up the timeline a bit for a frozen transfer so that's nice. If there's any blastocysts frozen that is. Anxious times!

Missmonkeypenny Thu 18-Apr-19 11:59:02

Mine came 5 days after egg collection, also a freeze all due to OHSS risk. Clinic said it was on the early side but nothing that was cause for concern.

MabelPickles Thu 18-Apr-19 12:16:18

Thanks @Missmonkeypenny !

I feel a bit better about it now. Was just a big surprise and the clinic didn't tell me it could happen.

I'm not using tampons now, seems a bit quick as I don't know if the needle holes are still there? Pads are terrible with such a heavy period though..

Missmonkeypenny Thu 18-Apr-19 12:25:15

Yes, I was advised not to use tampons, only pads for this bleed and then okay to use tampons from the next one if you so wish! It won’t be a nice bleed, but it’s all one step closer to your FET!

MabelPickles Thu 18-Apr-19 12:36:08

Exactly @Missmonkeypenny , it does speed up the timeline. I don't know yet if there will be something to freeze and transfer, very anxiously waiting for news. No news yet on day 5 so I think they're waiting for a slow grower blastocyst on day 6. Had five 2-day embryos (of the 10 eggs retrieved) so hoping at least 1 makes it to freeze.

miracleon13th Thu 18-Apr-19 17:50:34

I got mine also 5 days after egg collection - was surprised and worried as the clinic never mentioned it would happen that fast but glad it did as meant we could look forward to doing our frozen transfer quicker x

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