Struggling to conceive after DS

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MumofOne2017 Tue 16-Apr-19 05:34:37

Hi all,

There's no real point to this message other than to receive some advice or encouragement.

We really struggled to conceive our first baby. After a year and a half of trying we had IVF and became pregnant with twins but lost them at around six weeks.

I was told by the IVF consultant that my womb lining was too thin to carry a baby. All the while my Mum was in a coma after failed heart surgery. Not long after Mum passed away and we were going to start our second round of IVF after a short pause. But to our surprise I was pregnant naturally.

It was a difficult pregnancy as risk of miscarriage was always on my mind and I spent a small fortune on private scans. 8 months later our baby was born four weeks early and although he was absolutely fine it was a dramatic start to motherhood.

Fast forward 18 months and we are trying again. But it's been 6 months, I'm 37 and my husband 33 has issues with his sperm (after our IVF we discovered his medication for his thyroid condition was making his sperm a little stagnant) we've had another sample and although some of his sperm is slow it wasn't a terrible analysis.

Anyway, my point is at which point do we give up? I find our fertile window a little exhausting. Our 18 month old is currently ill, not sleeping well and I'm on a run of shifts at work that are super early starts. How is it possible to get pregnant....

I'm taking vitamins, healthy, no time for the gym with our toddler but how do people do it. Each month when my period comes its a little more crushing.

Any advice welcomed

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Sabelaa Thu 18-Apr-19 23:23:29

Sorry to hear of your loss and difficult time. In regards to eating for the BFP each month I know how you feel as am sure everyone else that has joined this board will too. As to which point you give up is really when you can come to terms and accept that you no longer want to try. That is the hardest part... esp when you try natural conception. The decision as to when you give up with assisted conception however can sometimes be out of your hand depending on finance, repeated failure of treatment or mc or specialists deciding to end treatment due to no success. But even if finance is not an issue then there is the strain on relationship, mental and physical strain from all the drugs, EC, transfers and MC or failed treatments. For me it would be when I have exhausted everything trying the supplements or anything that may work up to the point where I can afford it. I would then continue to try naturally but not to the point where it's straining or affecting my family. I suppose that would the point that to a certain degree I would have made my peace that it may never happen. This is just my opinion others may have a different perspective. Good luck

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