Egg transfer after high progesterone before trigger

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Mommaof2x Fri 12-Apr-19 15:26:16

So I was told before my trigger shot that my progesterone was a bit high, doctor said we will see how many good embryos we get.

I kind of forgot about this and was called over without knowing number of good embryos on egg transfer day. I was told then there’s two good ones and to put in one due to the progesterone and if it doesn’t work we know it’s due to progesterone.

I’ve had the transfer and now seen online that it’s very low risk that I will even implant.

Has anyone who had higher progesterone gone on to have a pregnancy? I’m just upset now and feeling like why wasn’t I suggested a frozen, I’ve gone through all the meds and still going through them, for this to have had a low chance of working anyway just seems so wasteful, I would have frozen.

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RedPandaFluff Fri 12-Apr-19 15:44:37

Hi @Mommaof2x - I've just had an embryo transfer too, and I'm in the state of high stress and anxiety (for different reasons - this is cycle 4 and I have huge fears that I'm just never going to be a mum).

I don't have an answer for you but I did think of a couple of points that might reassure you:

1) The doc said your progesterone is "a bit high" - not "too high". A mildly elevated level is unlikely to be something to worry about.

2) Clinics are obsessed with their success rates as they publish stats, so if an embryo transfer is doomed to failure, they simply won't do it. Your doctor must think there is as good a chance as any to have performed the transfer.

3) I have NEVER had my progesterone levels checked, at either of the clinics we've used. If exact levels were so critical, I reckon it would be checked every time as standard.

I get that it's impossible not to worry. I'm climbing the walls right now 💐

Missmonkeypenny Fri 12-Apr-19 16:11:56

Hi Momma , I had my fresh transfer cancelled and my cycle turned into a freeze all due to my progesterone being elevated before egg collection. My clinic said that there’s very little chance of implantation if there’s a high level of progesterone but not impossible. Everything crossed for you flowers

Mommaof2x Fri 12-Apr-19 17:55:32

@Missmonkeypenny Yes I think they just went ahead as I was abroad, really gutted.

I generally feel so nauseous, dizzy, slow, exhausted, cramping from everything my body has been through, whilst normally at ‘2 weeks pregnant’ you wouldn’t feel like this for a few weeks atleast. I think I would have been better off with a frozen even generally.

@RedPandaFluff I’m sorry you have had to go through this so many times bless you, I hope this time is successful for you but if you did go through this route ever again in the future I think you should look into pgd or ask for a progesterone level test on the test before trigga shot. Mine was 2.5 I think. sad Goodluck I hope this works for you!

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