First appointment after GP referral

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Adrianita Tue 09-Apr-19 10:34:36

Hello everyone!

I went to my GP back in January and told them I was ttc for the past year and a half. They asked me a few questions and they said that because of my age (I'm now 36) and the time I've been ttc they would refer me to a fertility clinic. (I was expecting more research from them such as fertility tests and such but non of these took place).

I got my first ever appointment at St. Barts this Thursday and they've sent me a lot of paper me and my husband have to fill out (pre attendance forms, consent forms, our situation here in the UK (if we are residents, on a visa, citizens, etc), and some others.

I don't think we've been accepted as candidates for NHS funding yet, I don't think so, as this is only our first appointment and I thought this paperwork came later on?

There is also a "note to patient" that says that I need to bring a letter from my GP stating I am non smoker but I couldn't get a hold of my GP before my appointment so I won't be able to bring that letter with me.

Have any of you been treated and funded with St Barts before? And do you know what happens in this first appointment? Also, re. the GP non smoking letter, is it going to be a problem if I don't bring it with me this Thursday?

Thank all in advance for taking the time to read this and for sending some feedback.

Enjoy your week!smile

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RedPandaFluff Fri 12-Apr-19 22:09:19

Hi, I saw that no-one had replied and thought maybe it's because you're specifically asking about St Barts . . . I haven't had treatment there, but I reckon the process will be similar as there will be NICE guidelines to follow.

What happened to me was that they did a battery of tests - they'll check your hormone levels which are an indicator of ovary function (ie are you likely to be producing eggs every month) and you might be scheduled for an ultrasound if the hormones come back out of range. Your partner will likely be asked for a sperm sample. It's unlikely you'll go straight to IVF if everything looks normal - if there's an ovulation issue they might start you on clomid, or they might recommend IUI . . . it really does depend on what the underlying issue is (if there even is one).

What I would say is, be prepared for things to move frustratingly slowly - there will be some back and forward for tests, so patience is key.

Which, frankly, is really bloomin' hard!

Good luck!

Adrianita Sun 14-Apr-19 15:11:11

Thank you for your reply!
I know is a long process so I'm taking it very calmed.

Just like you said this appointment was to meet the dr and answer some questions and get some tests prescribed.

Follow up appointment is in June to see results of tests so it's clearly a long one!

Happy that it started though 😌 and I'll take it as it goes.

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