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First ivf appointment with nurse

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Laurapb88 Sun 07-Apr-19 18:49:32

Hi guys me and the hubby have our first appointment next week and was just wondering what we should expect as I have no idea thanks in advance xx

Mrsmch123 Sun 07-Apr-19 22:09:43

They took my height,weight and made me blow into a co2 monitor, husband just had the co2. They then went over our results. Figured it was most likely male factor. I had a vaginal ultrasound to check womb and ovaries which looked fine. They then advised us to take condensyl for 3 months then do another sperm analysis. I will also have a hycosy then it's back in July to get a plan in place. Hope this helps a bit.x

Laurapb88 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:19:10

Thank you, yes this has helped although we know that it's male factor already at least I'm more prepared, sending you luck xx

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