ARGC vs CRGH vs LWC anyone actually have recent experience?

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Babytales137 Fri 05-Apr-19 23:59:04

Hi ladies. A little about me;

Single woman
42 next month
3 round of IVF - one miscarriage from FET
Want to change from Lister to either of the 3 above clinics.

ARGC - is Mr. Taranissi even around anymore and does he ever do the embryo implantation? I heard he used to up to 5 years ago and is AMAZING. But if not and there are others over seeing and living off his name ... for that cost it make your think a few times before committing.

CRGH seem to do similar things to ARGC but less so and therefore less expensive. But are they any different - as they monitor you less than ARGH but maybe more emphasis on PGD tests etc.

LWC - Website seems to say they do agree with FET being better at success, so have opted for only using that. But what happens when your eggs are not the highest quality and therefore you can’t freeze them? Or is their freezing criteria different? I heard they are good for single women and women over 40. But who has had experience with them.

Please share with me ladies. I’m so confused and overwhelmed. I can’t keep paying to go to initial consultation that say pretty much the same thing - until you start and then you’re on the road without a way to get off because you’re mid way though the protocol. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Chocolatecrazy Sun 14-Jul-19 13:32:27

Hello. Which one did you choose if you don’t mind me asking? I’m trying to decide between the two, but I don’t live in London.

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