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Mseddy Fri 05-Apr-19 16:03:56

We have just been refered to seacroft after finding out my DH has no sperm and we will be needing to use frozen sperm he had banked pre chemo.

Any success stories or not so good stories? Geographically we could manage either Leeds or Sheffield, and our frozen samples are in Newcaslte. I want to know the good and the bad from people who are on this same rollercoaster before I let any of them loose on our ice lolly babies!

Thanks in advance

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physicskate Fri 05-Apr-19 17:50:42

Had my egg retrieval and transfers at seacroft (and have three on ice there too). They were pretty great, tbh. But maybe I'm biased because of my successful cycle...

The nurses were very kind. Everything was very clearly explained as they did it. It was a bit tricky to get through on the phone sometimes.

We went through Yorkshire fertility, so most of our contact was with them... they were a bit rubbish with appointments during the testing phase (would change the spot and not tell us). But during our cycle they were totally faultless and bent over backwards during appointments for scans and adjusting my protocol.

Good luck!!

Mseddy Fri 05-Apr-19 18:41:53

@physicskate thank you smile

They can mess me around with appointments and be as evasive as they like on the phone as long as they are good at what they do and get us pregnant!

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TheArtfulScreamer1 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:57:33

I'm currently nursing my 3 week old DD who is a result of our first round of IVF at Seacroft and we have another embie in the freezer when we're ready to try for a sibling. Communication was abit hit and miss in the run up to us getting a start date but once we started they were great and I'd have that opinion even if we hadn't have been so fortunate. Good luck x

physicskate Sat 06-Apr-19 11:24:52

Wow@TheArtfulScreamer1! My seacroft baby was born just over three weeks ago (four weeks on weds). We must have been there the same time!!

Ilikeviognier Sat 06-Apr-19 18:24:47

My seacroft baby is now 4 and is currently fighting his little brother! It worked first time too.

I found them fine - no issues. Good luck.

TheArtfulScreamer1 Sun 07-Apr-19 02:44:08

Hi @physicskate we cycled together on the IVF May / June thread last year, I think you ended up a few days / week ahead of me with all your appts as I did long protocol and you did short and responded to stims far better than me as I was a very slow poor responder.

physicskate Sun 07-Apr-19 11:53:32

Wow you have a good memory!! I guess I'd forgotten we were both at seacroft (but of course remember your name!!). Or maybe it's my current sleep deprivation (which I wouldn't change for the world).

TheArtfulScreamer1 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:10:55

Ah yes baby brain I was looking for my keys the other day I found them eventually they were in my left hand hmm

Jenbot78 Mon 08-Apr-19 19:26:33

I didn’t have such a positive experience at Seacroft. So many things I struggled with, including the consultants who were generally quite abrupt (one in particular was very rude indeed), late appointments every time (very stressful when needing to get to work), little privacy when going for egg collection and transfer, terrible follow up appointment after failed ivf.

Where in Sheffield could you go for treatment? After our disastrous experience at Seacroft we had treatment at Care Sheffield. The difference was worlds apart. Private, comfortable and a lot of attention to detail. I got pregnant with DD1 there and am now pregnant with DC2 🤞 for healthy baby.

I should add a caveat that my experience with Seacroft was a long time ago, December 2016 so a lot could have changed since then. Sounds like the folk on this thread had great experiences.

DaisyMay25 Wed 10-Apr-19 21:33:54

@Mseddy I've been to seacroft today for my egg collection, via Yorkshire fertility. I can not fault them at all. So attentive, through no fault of theirs I needed some extra attention afterwards and they couldn't have been better. Even during the egg collection I just felt nice and relaxed. The nurses were all friendly and talked me through everything and happily answered questions. I highly recommend.

Noortje Thu 11-Apr-19 15:32:55

Hi smile
I'm at Seacroft and hopefully going for IVF this summer. So far so good. The registrar was a bit rushed at our first two appointments. Planning to go in with a list of questions and notebook next time to make sure I ask all the important things and remember what they said!

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