Zita West and Vitamins

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Kitty2017 Fri 05-Apr-19 16:42:53

From what I have read you need to take ubiquinol for 3 months before starting ivf xx

CritterTamer Fri 05-Apr-19 15:52:33

@Annasteen I took it for the 3 months between our first and second cycles

AnnaSteen Fri 05-Apr-19 15:32:42

Thanks both! @crittertamer congrats on your success! Did you take that pack of vitamins just during the IVF cycle or in advance?

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Kitty2017 Fri 05-Apr-19 15:06:51

I have been taking 75mg aspirin, pregnacare preconception, vitamin d spray and ubiquinol! I have been getting a lot of advice from an experienced acupuncturist!
Good luck xx

CritterTamer Fri 05-Apr-19 15:03:21

For my second IVF cycle ( which was successful) I used the Zita West IVF preparation pack - it contains two different vitamin pills and a vitamin d spray. I also took her Omega oil capsules, ubiquinol (dose at least 300 per day), and drank a raw maca powder drink every day and a spirulina powder drink too, as well as lots of raspberry leaf tea.

AnnaSteen Fri 05-Apr-19 14:24:44

I was wondering if anyone had any information on supplements/vitamins to take when ttc/IVF etc. On the Zita West website there are loads of different vitamins and I’ve heard lots about DHEA / Coq10 etc etc. The only information my clinic would give was to take a pregnacare pre conception multi vitamin. I’m afraid of overdosing on the vitamins but can’t figure out what to take.

Does anyone have any ideas? What do you all take? Or who would deal with this kind of thing I.e would a nutritionist?

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