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RedPandaFluff Fri 05-Apr-19 12:54:21

Hi everyone - this is our 4th donor egg IVF cycle and the clinic called earlier to say that 5 eggs have been retrieved. I'm devastated because I know what a numbers game this is - we've previously had 12+ eggs and watched that number drop drastically over the following days, so I'm terrified that we won't have any embryos to transfer and the latest cycle of drugs and anxiety has all been for nothing, not even a chance of a BFP.

I'm so upset . . . any success stories out there with 5 or fewer eggs? Thank you x

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Teddybear45 Sat 06-Apr-19 23:40:48

Its not about egg numbers but quality. Every cycle I produced 10+ eggs but then only ended up with 3-4 transferrable embryos. My consultant said she’d prefer more mature eggs from me even if I produced less over all!

RedPandaFluff Sun 07-Apr-19 10:51:04

Another day, another heart-stopping call from the clinic!

Day 2 and all four embryos are doing well. They should have between 2 and 5 cells at this point. One has 3 cells, two have 4 cells, and one has five cells. They’re all a reasonable grade too, the scale is 1-4 with 1 being excellent quality. We have one grade 1 embryo, two on the borderline grade 1-2, and one grade 2.

They're even talking about transferring on Wednesday now, which is a great sign, right?

I think I've aged about ten years. Had to listen to my Zita West relaxation CD twice last night to calm myself down 😆

Thanks to everyone for the reassurances - I really appreciate your taking the time to post.

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Inthehatbox Sun 07-Apr-19 10:53:55


LividLaughLove Sun 07-Apr-19 11:35:01

@RedPandaFluff that's awesome news!

I've adapted my thinking on day 5 transfers over time, too, having had both day 3 and day 5s. My clinic suggest that you should wait for day 5 even if your numbers are low, because if they are going to last, they will, and if they don't, it's better to find out sooner than put yourself through the 2ww.

On the other hand, I know it's sometimes the only choice, mentally, to put back at day 3 and hope for the best.

(My final embryo is a slow-growing day 6, currently in the freezer for another few weeks, so I'll adjust my thinking on day 6s soon... 😅)

Hopefulmama34 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:12:26

1st cycle, NHS funded - only four eggs retrieved and two eggs fertilised.

Single embryo 3 day transfer = now 3.9 year old!

Other embryo now in the freezer (5 day blastocyst). Planning to try FET later this year.

I was devastated when they only retrieved four eggs and even more so when only two fertilised and I was told I would be having a 3 day transfer. However, incredibly both eggs were obviously good quality and the cycle worked.

Penguincake Sun 07-Apr-19 19:18:11

6 eggs
5 fertilised
3 in freezer
2 = currently 24 weeks pregnant with twins.


SloeBerri Sun 07-Apr-19 21:34:16

Back in 1989 when it was all pretty new my mum had 3 eggs, and a shock of triplets. She’s still not quite over the odds of that happening after being assured 1 successful transfer was unlikely. I don’t think they allow 3 now?

Electromagnetic Mon 08-Apr-19 07:48:34


No I was on 4 out of a max 6 for the first cycle.

Second cycle I was on max dose. I was shocked it worked, I had been expecting failure

RedPandaFluff Mon 08-Apr-19 09:47:40

Another update from the clinic - overall the embryologist is happy. The embryos should have 6-12 cells today. We have one at 6-cells, two at 8-cells, and one at 11-cells.

In terms of embryo quality, we have one grade 1 and three grade 2. So, overall positive, but I am worried that the three grade 2s are starting to deteriorate because two were borderline grade 1-2 yesterday. I also know from previous cycles that we seem to lose lots after day 3, when the genetic stuff starts to kick in.

Fingers crossed they continue developing and we have a transfer on Wednesday . . . this is terrifying 😫

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LividLaughLove Mon 08-Apr-19 09:49:33

You've got this x

Nofunkingworriesmate Mon 08-Apr-19 09:55:35

We only had 4 eggs = 2 babies
Wishing you all the luck in the world !!!

Nofunkingworriesmate Mon 08-Apr-19 10:01:33

Grade 1’s are extremely rare
My sister has been an embryologist for 5 years and has never seen one
Having said that it was our Meh egg non grade 1 that got me pregnant
It’s a lottery of mistery regarding what works and what doesn’t. Trying to be apply logic can drive you batty I,e I did acupuncture one time but not the other time I got pregnant, ate a ton of avocados and pineapples one time but not another stressed out of my mind another time - too many variables xxx

Si1ver Mon 08-Apr-19 10:07:10

6 eggs, 5 mature, 5 fertilised.

On day 5 - 1 grade one blast, 2 excellent grade two blasts and 2 less good grade 2 blasts.

The grade one blast is now ten weeks old and sat on my chest snoring. Two of the grade 2s are in the freezer.

Quality not quantity, you've got this.

RedPandaFluff Mon 08-Apr-19 10:16:43

I'm starting to feel much more hopeful that at least one will hang in there until Wednesday - I really appreciate all your words of kindness, it has helped a lot!

I think the biggest issue is the lack of control - @Nofunkingworriesmate is right, so many variables, and it's not a merit-based system whereby if you work hard and do your best you are rewarded with a baby! It's just luck. I'm a natural pessimist so I hate that 😄

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Teddy1970 Mon 08-Apr-19 10:21:06

Yes they can transfer 3 if you're over 40.

Teddy1970 Mon 08-Apr-19 10:21:43

Sorry, I also meant to say good luck OP!

sunnyshowers Tue 09-Apr-19 07:23:56

Tuesday today so 1 more s it going op?

Dolookbackinanger Tue 09-Apr-19 07:38:45

Teddy1970 I didn’t know that. I was over 40 and my place (in the States) wouldn’t do more than two.

Dolookbackinanger Tue 09-Apr-19 07:41:34

Ah, my DH just said there is no law, just a recommendation re the over 40 thing.

Good luck OP.

EarlGreyT Tue 09-Apr-19 07:47:01

Yes they can transfer 3 if you're over 40.
Not in the uk (or anywhere ethical) with donor eggs. With own eggs they will, but not with donor as the success rates are so much higher.

Good luck *@redpandafluff*. I am holding my breath for your next update.

shiveringtimber Tue 09-Apr-19 07:55:56


Teddy1970 Tue 09-Apr-19 09:22:00

I was at ARGC in London, I had three embryos transferred.

Teddy1970 Tue 09-Apr-19 09:22:48

They were my own eggs though, not sure that makes a difference?

Teddy1970 Tue 09-Apr-19 09:23:58

Sorry...just read it!

RedPandaFluff Tue 09-Apr-19 11:00:38

Just got a call from the clinic - we have two embryos doing well; they’re compacting and looking promising! I'm ecstatic, this is more than I could have hoped for on Friday. So as long as they hang in there overnight, we'll be transferring tomorrow!

Thank you all for joining the rollercoaster with me 💐

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