Cannot see my tubes during the HyCosy

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Island0210 Tue 02-Apr-19 13:06:30

Just wonder anyone has come across the same experience during HyCosy? I just had hycosy done today and the doctor couldn’t see my tubes at all! I had bad cramps like 3 times worse than a worst period pain during the injection. But the pain only last maybe 1-2 minutes. Afterwards the doc and assistant tried hard to look for my tubes, they moved from left to the right then to the left and couldn't see them at all!! I was so frustrated.

More weird is the liquid went through. I remember the doc said it's unusual that she needs to inject so much. doctor said at least one tube should be patent becuz she can definitely see the liquid went through and I guess what she meant is the liquid flew out from the other side meaning that it's patent. But why cannot they see my tubes sadsadsad

Doc said it could be becuz the pain and my tubes spasmed. She will send the result to my specialist doctor and decide what's next. Any ideas ladies or any similar experience? I've been googled for whole day after this hycosy and I'm so stressed out.....

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seriouslyreally Wed 03-Apr-19 09:19:28

I've always gone for a HSG rather than a Hycosy as a HSG uses an x ray machine rather than ultrasound so is a lot more accurate

One of my tubes was stuck to my uterus due to scar tissue and this was identified on the X-ray - whenever I had ultrasounds they always found it very difficult to find the tube and ovary (since had tube removed) x

Island0210 Wed 03-Apr-19 12:11:36

@ Seriouslyreally thank you for sharing your experience and sorry to know that one of your tube was stuck on uterus. Did you also get the water flew through your tubes while the tubes unseen from during HyCosy? You are so right that I should've gone for xray instead of ultrasound. Actually I thought that the doctor referred me to Xray but it's not sad

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seriouslyreally Wed 03-Apr-19 13:47:21

Hi yes - they use a dye in HSG and it was completely painless and dye went through smoothly so the tubes were there and open x

Island0210 Wed 03-Apr-19 15:53:07

So one of your tube is open but stuck in uterus due to scar tissue - did u have laparoscopy to seperate that tube from the uterus, or the doctor has to remove that tube completely? I might be in the same situation, waiting for doctor to call me and discussing result

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