Help with blood results and where to go from here?

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Laney79 Fri 29-Mar-19 16:34:12

Hi. I'm 39, had two missed miscarriages after natural conceptions last year (March and sept) prior to that I'd been on the pill for 20 years. Took 4 cycles to fall pregnant and they were irregular but assumed that was due to long term pill. After my first loss (which took a long time to resolve) I had two 26 day cycles and then fell again.

Since my second loss my cycles have been all over the shop...53 days, 35, 28, 24, 32 and seemingly have ovulated on day 7 this month so likely a 19/20 day cycle. My luteal phase is 12-13 days, the only constant.

I did a medichecks female hormone panel on day 3...the results are attached. Can anyone help me understand them? My GP says it's all fine but I'm not so sure. My oestradiol and prolactin seem very high for day three, my SHGB is higher than the range says, and testosterone and FAI is too low...but I don't understand what if any impact this would have or what I might be able to do about it.

My GP said I can go back on the pill which we really don't want to do it we can pay to see a private fertility dr. I'm a mess. Please help

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