One blocked Fallopian tube

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seven201 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:31:37

Today I had a HyCoSy scan (privately due to staff shortage on nhs where I live) and one of my Fallopian tubes is blocked. Apparently I have lots of follicles but may have PCOS as I occasionally have long cycles, although they're usually 33 days ish. I left a bit confused. I already have a nearly 3 year old. The doctor said they don't really try to unblock tubes in the UK but my googling shows otherwise. What I can't work out is whether that counts as treatment and therefore I wouldn't be entitled to it anyway on the nhs. I think it probably does count as treatment. Today I asked if something like clomid might help because of the pcos and she said maybe, I'd need to have a consultation (which is £200 plus having to pay for all the blood tests, semen analysis despite having that all from last year). I'm not due back to the nhs until September and don't want to waste time if they won't do anything anyway as maybe clomid is treatment where I live and I don't qualify.

Been trying for 15 months, including a miscarriage early on at the start and I'm not getting any younger. Obviously I have one clear tube so I shouldn't be complaining, but I just want someone to tell me what to do? I'm swaying towards paying for the private consultation...

So I guess I'm asking for people who have a blocked tube for their success stories! Or for people who have been prescribed clomid for a second child? I don't know. I'm rambling, sorry!

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crazyfools Fri 29-Mar-19 08:12:17

Heya they're right that in the UK they don't really try and unblock tubes as there are no guarantees of it working they generally recommend that they are removed?
I lost a tube last year due to a ruptured ectopic and I would seriously think about tube removal as you will have a higher chance of an ectopic now because of the blockage?
If you have PCOS I don't think they offer clomid due the risk of releasing too many eggs at once and also if you take clomid it doesn't reduce the risk you could end up with an ectopic in your blocked tube?
If you can I would speak to some ivf clinics about how to move forward?
(Did you have a c section with your first child? I had one and that's what caused the blockage and ultimately ectopic for me) x

Ohrobin Fri 29-Mar-19 08:16:50


We sound very similar. My cycles vary between 30-36 days and hormone blood tests indicated possibility of PCOS too.

I had my hsg privately last week due to issues getting an appointment at nhs, and found out I have one blocked tube. I have my next nhs appointment next week (I rang up and asked for an earlier appointment of possible as my hsg showed blocked tube) and luckily they had a cancellation.

I too am unsure about whether they will try surgery to unblock or straight to ivf (I don't have any children) but I can update you next week what the nhs say. Obviously could be different advice from your consultant.

seven201 Fri 29-Mar-19 17:38:42

Thank you both. I did have a c-section and I've also had kidney surgery since having my daughter, so it could have been because of either of those! Or maybe I've had a blocked tube for a very long time. I stupidly didn't realise this would put me at greater risk of an ectopic! I think I need to try and speak to someone at the nhs to see if they'll bring my consultation forward at all.

Good luck ohrobin, Keep me posted please.

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Ohrobin Sun 07-Apr-19 09:46:01

Hello just wanted to update.

I saw my NHS consultant and she said that as I only have 1 tube blocked it doesn't count for us to go straight to IVF until we have been trying for 3 years (for our local area) as technically should be able to concieve naturally.

However offered me a laparcosopy to try and unblock the tube and see if there is endometriosis that caused the tube to become blocked (my symptoms regarding painful periods and bowel issues suggest I have this). She did say that as she is fertility consultant she would only be able to treat endometriosis in the womb and I would have to come back under gynacology if they found it in the bowel to have that treated.

Whether that would be the same for you and therefore not be allowed a lapacrosopy as it counts as fertility treatment as you already have one child.

Do you suffer from painful periods? Maybe going down gynacology route for that rather than specifically about concieving you may be able to get some treatment done on the nhs.

I asked about clomid as I also read it could help people with 1 tube to ovulate more potentially on the unblocked side but she said unless I have PCOS they wouldn't give it to me as if my hormones are okay, then clomid could actually mess up my hormones. As my tests show I'm ovulating (my cycles are about 32 days) they wouldn't want to give me clomid.

I'm due on tomorrow and my boobs are so sore I'm hoping this is BFP after the HSG even with 1 tube blocked but I'm holding out testing for a few days!

Ritamay Wed 04-Dec-19 06:32:54

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Laurenzo44 Mon 31-Aug-20 21:56:39

Hi there. I'm brand new to this website and looking for a little help/hope/advice.
I'm 36 and have not taken contraception since I was around 21. Won't go to much into the background. So long story short I had surgery at 26 to remove badly infected tube and left with remaining tube (which I was under the impression was partially blocked) doc was vague and I was young. Before this covid saga I was due to start ivf and had a scan to which the consultants revealed there was no fluid in the tube? So how on earth have I never got caught? Or could it be scar tissue?
Anyways I'm a little late on my period however I do have a weird feeling in my stomach I'm going to come on.
Anyone got any experience with blocked tube or heard similar stories with light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended)
Look forward to replies ❤️

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