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IUI for secondary

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Minibow Wed 27-Mar-19 19:59:26

Had a consultant appointment today.

IUI was suggested.

Anyone with experience of this? It would be non medicated as I already ovulate.

The odds of it working don't seem great and not sure how I'd cope if it didn't work (thought I'd pretty sure it wouldn't)

Looking for anyone with experience successful or otherwise.

GenghisKahnSchmitz Thu 28-Mar-19 03:34:30

Hi @Minibow I've had five IUIs. My first one was successful and resulted in DC1 but the remainder have all failed and I'm currently in the middle of an ivf cycle trying for DC2. All mine were medicated even though I ovulate.

Like you say the odds aren't great (I'm not sure the difference between medicated and non) but I think you need to balance up age, reason, cost, etc. and see if it's worth it for you. I don't regret doing them the second time round but I also didn't have to pay for them which, obviously made the choice easier. Good luck with your decision!

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