Metformin/Ashermans Syndrome?

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bonnie94 Wed 27-Mar-19 15:30:35

I’m new here and was just wondering if I could get some advice or chat with someone who may have been through a similar experience.
After coming off the pill I conceived before even having a period, after scans every 2 weeks due to the concerning appearance of my endometrium I lost the baby at 10 weeks (baby was 8.3). I was absolutely devistated and underwent a ERPC in September. After recovering we have been TTC since but have had no luck. I’ve had 3 periods since the procedure and they have been very light, I have brown blood 5 days before they start and the very light bleeding lasts for about 10 days (two days in middle of slightly heavier) before returning to brown and eventually ending. I have been on 1500g Metformin for PCOS (gradually increased from 500) prescribed by the Dr for 4 weeks now and I’m currently on the 10th day of light bleeding. I experienced no cramps with this period except mild ones on day 7/8. I’m very concerned about Ashermans Syndrome as the periods have been long and very light (none on pad, only when I wipe). Sorry for the long post but really hope someone can help as I’ve been getting very down and worried about things! Thanks for reading smile

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bonnie94 Wed 27-Mar-19 15:41:40

After re reading my post I feel the way I worded it sounds awfully insensitive to those who have been trying a lot longer than me, I didn't mean it that way at all and just wanted to clear that up!

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