Harley Street Fertility Clinic- Dangerous and Unethical.

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charliemerrifield Tue 26-Mar-19 16:17:30

I took the decision to go through 1 round of egg freezing with this clinic as a insurance policy for me and my boyfriend after a positive AMH level confirmation of 18.5 (I am 33). This is a decision I now bitterly regret and am pursuing further action.
There was such a long catalog of errors that it would take too long to list them all but they include- being oversold hundreds of pounds worth of medication I didn’t use and didn’t need as no one was checking my gonal F doses properly, one of the nurses collapsing one of my veins during a routine blood test and most worryingly of all I was misprescribed the wrong medication post egg retrieval and was prescribed medication for a IVF patient. This was clearly potentially dangerous and due to the side effects I experienced post operation when I started taking this medication I took myself off it after 48 hours after seeking medical advice from a family friend. When I called up the clinic to ask why I had been put on the medication I was given conflicting advice.

My partner and I then went in for a follow up consultation to complain during which the clinic tried to sell us another round of egg freezing!! I was told that the number of eggs I had retrieved in the first round wasn’t the optimum number they would want and that it’s normal practice to have 2-3 rounds of egg freezing. We were shocked as it was the first time the clinic had told us we would need a second round, having been told during the process that my fertility levels were excellent and that I was responding well to the medication. It became apparent that this clinic is interested only in making money and are completely unethical.

When we complained about the IVF medication mistake and asked to be refunded for the wrong medication I was prescribed we were told they would follow up with our doctor and be in touch. After three weeks of waiting we had to chase and received a call from Dr Venkats son (the General Manager) who did not apologise and completely threw our doctor under the bus, claiming that the clinic holds no responsibility for the multiple mistakes and unethical behaviour and would not refund the medication we were wrongly prescribed and paid for. They have not even provided us with details to contact our Dr (who no longer appears to be working at the clinic accordingly to their website) or follow up with her insurance company.

I really was unsure as to whether to post anything as although the process has been extremely upsetting we aren’t trying for a baby currently so are able to move on with our lives. However I cannot begin to think how horrendous this would have been for anyone actively trying to get pregnant. This clinic is dangerous, unethical and focused only on making money. In fact this experience has left us to believe that although not perfect the NHS offers more integrity and patient care then given at this clinic, despite paying thousands of pounds.

Would not recommend. Please do seek treatment at other clinics that won’t rob you blind and mistreat you like these crooks.

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