Unexplained infertility, IVF & second baby

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ontheallyallyo Thu 21-Mar-19 22:15:33

I had a baby last year after having IVF following 3 years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant and an eventual "diagnosis" of unexplained infertility. There really was absolutely nothing of note for either me of DH either pre-IVF tests or in how I responded to IVF.

Everyone keeps telling me I'll get pregnant naturally the second time. I even know if several friends and acquaintances that this had happened to, and of course there are always loads of stories like that on here, even for people with more specific fertility problems. I haven't read much about people who have needed IVF twice for UI.

My question is - what should I expect? I do know no one can truly answer this but is there anyone out there who also had UI then IVF then had IVF for their second child?

Is it worth me trying naturally or is it a waste of time... eg I don't want to try until I'm ready to get pregnant but then again I don't want to try for a year only to have IVF again, especially as I'm already 37.

Anecdotes please!

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custardtarts Fri 22-Mar-19 07:37:58

I'm in a similar position - slight MFI 2012-2015 which meant we were eventually referred for IVF - fell pregnant naturally but miscarried 12 weeks and then the day due to start ivf injections found out I was pregnant naturally and had DD.
Stared TTC nr 2 in 2017 but had 2 miscarriages followed by ectopic in January 2018 and since then nothing. We had our first failed FET earlier this month and luckily have 2 blastocysts frozen but I'm 36 next month and feel like time is running out.
What I would say is that back in 2014 all my tests came back fine for AMH egg reserve etc but now in 2019 my AMH is Lower than it should be and my egg quality is poor from what they found during egg collection. I think age plays a major factor now unfortunately. In am taking coq10 and Proceive Max supplements and also trying fertility acupuncture

I would see if you can get some updated fertility tests done on you and your partner x

ontheallyallyo Fri 22-Mar-19 19:39:29

Thanks for your reply. Sorry you've been having trouble and your FET didn't go to plan. You're right - quite possibly my AMH will be lower now, might be worth getting more tests. We have some frozen embryos from last time but I am assuming it won't work first time as it did last time - can't be that lucky! So I'm also trying to factor that into timings. Just hard to know isn't it.

I'm assuming the majority of people who need ivf for one need ivf/fet for second, but it's hard to tell because you only hear the success stories.

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