2 years off contraception and still not pregnant

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Sandy1984 Thu 21-Mar-19 21:59:26

Hi there, my partner and I have 2 sons ages 4 and 3, we both decided 2 years ago that we would not stress about trying for another that I just came off the pill and let it happen in it’s own time but we are 2 years past now and still nothing has happened. I’m 34 and the past 6-8months my period pains have being unbareable and so heavy would this be just due to my age or is this a cause for concern? We really want another soon as we don’t want a big age gap and we aren’t getting any younger lol. Any advice please xx

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ontheallyallyo Thu 21-Mar-19 22:16:24

Go to see your GP. You can have some blood tests to check your hormone levels as a starter xx

Kelly199 Fri 22-Mar-19 08:54:16

NHS guidelines are that if you're under 35 and haven't become pregnant within a year of regular unprotected sex, go to GP/fertility specialist.
If you're over 35, they advise having investigations after 6 months.
As it has been 2 years, go to the GP and they'll be able to do a number of tests to rule anything out. Xx

Sandy1984 Fri 22-Mar-19 10:58:21

Ok thanks for the replies, I just never thought it would be this hard after already having 2 kids already with our second he was a surprise when our first was only 3 months old lol just thought no3 would be as easy xx

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Kelly199 Fri 22-Mar-19 11:39:28

As you have had children before, if they discover you have fertility issues, they will categorise you into "Secondary infertility".
Perhaps you will go and they won't find anything wrong and just give you some medication or something for some extra help, so don't worry. Best to wait and see what they say. Good luck. Xx

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