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SixPenceNonTheRicher Tue 19-Mar-19 08:38:55

I had a HSG test yesterday morning to check for blocked fallopian tubes (they were clear)

a few hours after the procedure I was in alot of pain, they told me to expect mild cramping but I am in absolute agony when I sit, stand breathe in or just move in general

It got so bad last night that I called nhs 24 and they sent me to my local out of hours, this was at 11:10pm and they told me that they take their last patient at 11:30, the clinic is only a mile away so I left straight away to get there on time

I saw their doctor and he could not have been in a bigger rush to get me out the door, he did not examine me all he did was take my blood pressure and gave me co codomal

I have woke up this morning still in pain and was wondering if anyone else has experience of this?

I feel because I saw the doctor last night that I should not be worried and its normal but I have in the back of my head that he did not check me over properly

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Kelly199 Tue 19-Mar-19 09:21:58

I had a HyCoSy. Same thing but ones ultrasound and ones X-ray (I think, may be wrong, but same thing to check tubes with dye).
My experience was that I found it quite painful during the procedure, although others experience no pain at all, just discomfort.
It worsened into more cramping next few hours, so I took tablets and went to bed early. Woke up and that bad cramping had gone!
Not sure what others experiences are if they had pain like you're describing? If you're worried and still in that pain, I'd ring to be seen again.

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