Photos of tests. Help I'm driving myself mad!

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Runner31 Sun 17-Mar-19 12:42:39

I'm 11dp5dt (fresh) and I'm obsessing over the colour of my line. I think I should be happy it's positive but these are just internet cheapie and I'm not sure the line is dark enough which is making me worry it's a chemical. What do you think?

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Samind Sun 17-Mar-19 12:46:43

There's definitely stronger lines and colour darkening from top to bottom! Get yourself a FRER and you'll feel loads better! And congratulations 😀

Runner31 Sun 17-Mar-19 13:52:52

I wish I had picked one up yesterday but I'll get one tomorrow. I've a clear blue digital but I am worried it won't be sensitive enough. The first day I got a line it was a proper squinter so I keep thinking I'm seeing things.

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Bonkersblond Sun 17-Mar-19 14:00:42

Mine was a very faint line on day 14 of ET, test was provided by the hospital, I sent DH out to buy more to confirm! Good luck x

Summerloving17 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:34:13

Definitely get frer or a clear blue digital weeks, I’ve found it reassuring to see the weeks increase over time as sometimes the lines can be deceiving! X

Runner31 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:48:59

Thanks. I took another one this afternoon and it was the darkest yet. I tried to do a clear blue digital but managed to mess it up in my panic and stress so it didn't give any reading. I'm going to try and hold off doing any more till Tuesday (as if I'm going to manage that!).

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Runner31 Tue 19-Mar-19 04:57:59

Well I took a clear blue digital this morning and it came up as pregnant 1-2 weeks but going by first period and transfer date I should be 4 weeks and 4 days which could put the clear blue out slightly. This whole process is driving me mad!

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Persipan Tue 19-Mar-19 05:59:53

Those Clearblue date tests count from conception (since there is, if you think about it, no such thing as '1 week pregnant' counting in the normal way).. So 1-2 weeks on the test is 3-4 weeks pregnant.

Samind Tue 19-Mar-19 07:24:56

Yeah and 3+ takes a while too. Congratulations OP 😁

Runner31 Tue 19-Mar-19 07:34:56

Thanks, I know last time I had a darker line at this stage but I also miscarried not long after so my head is telling me to stop panicking as it's all put of my control anyway and there's no way of knowing what's going on.
Thanks for all your words of advice. X

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Persipan Tue 19-Mar-19 07:57:11

If you really want more information, the only way to get it would be blood tests at a 48 hour interval to see how quickly your HCG is rising. Whether a GP would do them without any specific indication they were needed is a bit of a question mark, but you might find somewhere that would do it privately. But like you said, you can't actually do anything to control things even with that information, so I guess it's up to you whether you feel you really need that extra detail. Good luck and take care!

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