Norethisterone before FET

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LillyLeaf Sat 16-Mar-19 19:18:24

If you took Norethisterone before your FET cycle how long did you take it for? I took it before my fresh cycle but can't remember for how long. I'm so keen to get on with this cycle I hope I won't be taking it for too long. I've only just got my AF after my MC and the thought of waiting so many more weeks for another transfer is driving me mad.

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Wesstywoo Sat 16-Mar-19 21:35:47

Hi @LillyLeaf I am currently on norethisterone before FET and it will be 8 days in total

LillyLeaf Sun 17-Mar-19 10:21:43

@Wesstywoo thanks. Good luck with your cycle, fingers crossed for you.

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Wesstywoo Sun 17-Mar-19 11:27:46

@LillyLeaf thank you - I can sympathise with the waiting being frustrating, mine had to be rescheduled due to other health issues and the waiting has been torturous. Fingers crossed that you can get started very soon xx

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