Sperm analysis results - how to interpret?

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agteacht Sun 24-Mar-19 11:49:00

Sorry I missed this before. Thank you 🙏

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RyvitaBrevis Fri 15-Mar-19 09:03:57

I'm not an expert but this is my understanding . . . . There's no such thing as a range, really, because there is so much variance. There's just what's unlikely to cause a problem (normal) and what's below this.

There are different definitions of what's acceptable as well. Those numbers look very safely within the definition of normal to me, eg I think you want progressive motility to be over 32% (or I've also seen 40%), so 48% is well within this. The only exception to this I can see in my very non-expert opinion is of total volume. The World Health Organisation says volume should be at least 1.5 ml but I've seen some definitions that say anything under 2 ml is considered low.

This is sort of helpful:

agteacht Thu 14-Mar-19 19:38:47

PS he is 38 and we don't have any children yet

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agteacht Thu 14-Mar-19 19:38:23

Hi all

My husband and I have been undergoing various tests and we have had his sorry analysis results back with a comment of 'normal sample'.

So sounds okay but I would like to know more about the various results so if anyone knows how to interpret this I would appreciate it! Fir example what is the range for total sperm number?

- total volume: 1.6
- viscosity: normal
- liquefaction: normal
- density: 178
- total sperm number: 285
- overall motility: 51%
- progressive motility: 48%
- cells: TFTC
- pH: 7.9
- Normal forms: 4

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