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janey15 Sat 06-Apr-19 10:31:03

My husband had very low morphology or motility (can't remember which 🤦‍♀️) at his first SA. Three months later it was worse but only to be expected as his dad had just passed away. We improved our diet, exercise etc and now he always gets congratulated on his sample at each iui which is a bit embarrassing 🤣

I can't get him to take his vitamins though...

Embri Sat 06-Apr-19 08:23:10

Yikes I’m hoping that my husband has a good improvement!

His SA came back as:
Immotile 85%
Non-progressive 10%
Progressive 5%
Count 5million in 1ml
Morphology >1%

He is taking the pregnacare conception tablets, I am trying to encourage him to eat healthily, I am cooking lots of salmon, fresh fish and meat, fresh veg, giving him multiple pieces of fruit to have with his lunches!

Is there anything else that you guys would advise I get him to take?
He doesn’t have baths, doesn’t drink that often (if he does it’s usually a pint or two (max) every two weeks, he occasionally will go out with the lads and drink loads but that’s once every 2-3 months)

Thanks! Emily

MrFlibblesEyes Fri 29-Mar-19 19:46:17

My husband had 0% normal morphology and a slightly low count and was advised to take proxeed for 3 months before a retest as a pp has said, it takes around 3 months to manufacture sperm from sctarch. I'm not sure exactly how much his improved by as he never made it to the retest- it should have been at the beginning of March but instead I'm 11 weeks pregnant! (after almost a year and a half of trying!). So 1 vote for proxeed here 😁

AnnaSteen Fri 29-Mar-19 14:24:43

My husband had similar. He is taking proceive max, Chinese meds from acupuncturist, eating loads of fruit nuts and salmon etc and has given up all alcohol and caffiene. To be honest I would not be very impressed if my husband was still having vodka or caffiene - after everything we have to go through for IVF etc the very least they can do is the absolutely pain free pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. While the numbers may not go up the quality might which could make all the difference.

Rspu1384 Fri 29-Mar-19 11:28:01

My husband has a severely low count and motility. He repeated a test after 3 months he stopped drinking and took Superdrug male fertility supplement his count went up by 1.5 million ( not a lot but an improvement) his motility went from 96percent immobile to only 69percent immobile which is quite a good jump. He is still on them and is due another sa in 3 months. We think drinking was a main culprit it’s best to cut it out a lot or totally cut it out x

Yeah I think my husband has actually been drinking a lot MORE since the initial SA results because he's been so depressed about it, which is slightly counterproductive but there you go... Waiting time for SA is months and months in our area, so next one isn't for absolutely ages.

Mrsmch123 Fri 29-Mar-19 07:53:45

Hi, We are the same. Condensyl was recommended and repeat in 3 months. Hoping for better numbers in may. If not then it's icsi for us. OH has stopped taking baths but likes his caffeine and a vodka at the weekend. So he's made some changes but I appreciate that he has to have a life as well.


Sunnyside123 Fri 29-Mar-19 06:00:16

We was told take take proxeed and re test in 3 months as my husbands was not good either

custardtarts Thu 14-Mar-19 14:02:11

I've never heard of results improving over just 4 weeks? It usually takes a man 90 days to make sperm so usually they advise a regime of clean and healthy living (no smoking or drinking, reduce caffeine, reduce hot baths etc) and vitamins/supplements before testing again?
You can get pregnacare vitamins for boots for men and also Proceive Max (which is expensive but contains a lot more) - also look into C0q10 and acupuncture x

edinbeezer Thu 14-Mar-19 12:34:22

Hi everyone. My husband had the results of his first semen analysis today and they weren't too good. Abnormal appearance, debris and borderline low count. He has to repeat in 4 weeks. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and the second set of tests turned out better?

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