Going privately for a HSG?

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smarty14 Tue 12-Mar-19 11:50:01

Has anyone gone privately for a hsg scan??

Could you tell me how much you paid?

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squirrelnutkins1 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:02:25

I got a quote for £456. I didn't end up having it privately but that was the Nuffield Health quote.

Kelly199 Wed 13-Mar-19 07:16:41

Yes, I paid £450, but £140 of that was part of the consultation. I live in South Wales.

polkadotpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 07:18:05

I ended up having mine on the NHS but was quoted just under £500 by Nuffield

smarty14 Wed 13-Mar-19 18:17:34

Wow!!! 😮
I just need to be more patient and wait my turn xx

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custardtarts Wed 13-Mar-19 18:43:19

HSG are not usually available privately - what you will get offered is a hycosy which isn't as good - an HSG requires an x ray machine to see the dye run through the tubes and most private ivf clinics don't have those. Hycosy is done with an ultrasound x

squirrelnutkins1 Wed 13-Mar-19 18:49:03

My quote for HSG

WhatWouldPennyDo Wed 13-Mar-19 19:39:18

Think we paid about £250. It was a HyCoSy, but it was accepted by the NHS in lieu of an HSG. Ultrasound rather than X-ray, but I believe the process is the same.

We couldn’t ever get booked in at the right time with the NHS so we felt it was money well spent. Good luck!

seven201 Wed 13-Mar-19 20:20:22

Slightly not what you were asking. I'm on the list for a nhs HyCoSy but my hospital only does them once a month ish at another hospital. I enquired at a private place if they'd do a HyCoSy for me but they only do them if you have a consultation first which I assumed would me £££. So am currently waiting for my nhs one and hoping it doesn't clash with my period (likely for the date I've been given) or the two week wait! I kind of regret not paying for one to be honest.

custardtarts Wed 13-Mar-19 21:06:45

OP It also depends on why you are seeking one? Do you have unexplained infertility and so are checking off a list or have you previously suffered an ectopic pregnancy?

I only say that as many GPs won't refer for one on the NHS as it gives false hope - I had a ruptured near fatal ectopic last year and I had to fight to get one to check whether my remaining tube was blocked. (The minimum wait time on the waiting list in my area is 3 months) . The test can only tell you if the tube is blocked it cannot tell you whether the tubes are actually working and able to push an egg through it to the uterus.

smarty14 Wed 13-Mar-19 21:46:10

Ah ok stupid i know but didn't realise a hycsoy and hsg were different 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have been asked by consultant to get a hsg done but i have to ring when my period starts to get one but thats sooooo much easier being said than actually done!!
Doesn't help my periods are so irregular that i have a period now and then might not have one for another 8 weeks or more! So trying to book one is painful!!

Hey ho i'll get one eventually 😔

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Pinktruffle Thu 14-Mar-19 10:37:04

I had the same issue smarty14. In the end I rung the clinic and told them periods were irregular so I may be waiting months before I can be seen and they just booked me an appointment anyway and told me to call if my period came. I know every hospital is different, but maybe wait a month and call like I did?

smarty14 Thu 14-Mar-19 20:44:05

@Pinktruffle i defo think i may do this. I did speak to them today and the lady i spoke to was lovely and more helpful than the lady i spoke to the other day.

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