FET- how does it work?

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Ginger951 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:54:59

Looking for some advice from those who have already been through the process.

Had an ivf with icsi cycle in jan/Feb. It failed however we have 3 frozen blastocysts and are hoping to do a FET.

How does it work? What are our odds? How long does a cycle take? And how long do we have to wait?
My husband has a lower sperm count/quality etc my fertility tests fine.
I've spent so long researching ivf/icsi that I know very little about the FET process. Any information/personal experience info would be great.

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VenetiaHall Sun 10-Mar-19 10:04:57

I have two babies, both FET successes after an abandoned icsi cycle due to OHSS.

It's faster and less intense than a fresh cycle. Your protocol will depend on your own clinic and circumstances but you will either have a natural cycle (unmedicated) or a medicated cycle (probably more likely - I had two of these). The medicated cycle basically takes control of your cycle for a while - suppresses it then grows the lining to the exact thickness required for implantation and then they transfer the embryo. Far fewer drugs than a fresh cycle and much quicker overall, think it was about 6 weeks of drugs altogether. They keep an eye on your lining with scans until they think it is good to go and then you'll be told when to come in for the transfer. They defrost the embryo that morning and check it as they defrost. The transfer is extremely quick and easy - easier than a smear test.

It's also a lot cheaper - ours was just under £1k for the FET.

Once the embryo is transferred you have the same worry about it taking, but your body is generally in better shape than it is after a fresh cycle, which can be gruelling.

I don't know the exact odds but they are good. FETs are preferred by some clinics as they have 'good' odds in relative terms. They obviously do for us - I've had two FETs and have 2 beautiful healthy children.

Good luck with everything. flowersstar

raindropsinspring Sun 10-Mar-19 19:26:09

I had an unmedicated natural FET on Saturday - unexpected freeze all due to OHSS end of January.
Mine was so simple - I had a scan cycle day 7 to confirm I was ovulating (egg collection was 29th January I had a post EC bleed 5 days later and then started my period on the 20th February). I used cheap ovulation test strips to monitor my LH surge and rang comic when I got a positive - the following day (or following day +1 if surge is after 4pm) was counted as day 0 and transfer was 5 days later. Due to history of miscarriages I was told to take progesterone suppositories, and clexane from day 0.
My clinic was happy to do non medicated transfers as I've always had really good lining thickness and regular ovulation and periods. Although if I hadn't got my LH surge by cycle day 14 I could have used a trigger shot but even then so much better than taking those bloody awful drugs which stop you ovulating x

raindropsinspring Sun 10-Mar-19 19:28:22

@Ginger951 cost for a FET at my clinic is £1250 plus medication
I ovulated really quick - 3 weeks after egg collection so my turn around time has been much quicker
Most clinics recognise now that frozen transfer success rates are actually better than fresh ones as it allows the body to get back to a more natural state x

Blondiecub0109 Sun 10-Mar-19 19:36:16

^what ventenia said.
I had a drug to suppress ovulation and thicken lining then the progesterone pessaries.
Our fresh was a shit show that shouldn’t have gone ahead.

Our first FET was a MC sadly, but we could go again straight away ( I asked for an extra month as it really affected me)

I had an ending scratch before FET 2- now our 20 day old son.

If I ever need to do a full cycle again ( we have one embie in the freezer) I’d be asking for an ‘all freeze’ and only do FETs

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