My AMH is 1.

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AliceAbsolum Wed 06-Mar-19 16:53:20

Consultant said I'm unlikely to produce 8 eggs during ivf and that he would be happy to put 2 embryos back in as I'm unlikely to get anything to day 5. I'm 34 in 2 weeks time so not exactly young either.
Has anyone else been in a similar position? Did you wish you had just got on and used donor eggs?
I feel proper devastated.

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whensmynexthol1day Wed 06-Mar-19 17:03:51

Mine was 1.44 at 28. I had two ivf babies one at 32 and one at 34 on my 3rd and 4th goes. So it is possible! Quality is more important than quantity and in your mid 30s quality should still be fine.

1st round they put back the only two decent embryos and second round I only had one decent one. Both worked!

Make sure you look carefully at the success rate statistics for your clinic. The first two rounds we went to a clinic with a relatively poor success rate although we didn't know it as stupidly hadn't done research! Just went for where our gp recommended.
The second clinic where we had two subsequent successes were far far better.

Good luck- I know how devastating hearing that news is! X

Persipan Wed 06-Mar-19 17:03:54

That sounds really overwhelming for you. Are you currently planning/thinking about IVF, or are you further along in the process?

34 is not that old! I did eventually, as you put it, 'get on and use donor eggs', but not until I was a good bit older than you. And, the good thing about donor eggs is that your age is irrelevant - so, that option isn't going anywhere and you can always move on to it down the road. With that in mind, at your age and in your position, I'd probably be looking at trying an IVF cycle asap to see how I responded. It might go better than you think!

raindropsinspring Wed 06-Mar-19 17:32:01

If you can I would go with using your own eggs - it only takes one - I know a lot of people with higher AMH who only for 1 or 2 eggs

Lauren83 Wed 06-Mar-19 17:45:24

I had IVF with an AMH of 2 and produced 4 eggs on max dose of stims but they were all poor quality, after that I had a cancelled cycle then moved to donor eggs, first donor cycle negative, second cycle miscarriage then had DS on the last cycle.

It was the right decision for me as I wanted a blast transfer and some to freeze for a sibling and I knew I would never get that, I had a 5% chance of success with own eggs but a 50% with donor eggs and for me being a mum was more important than having a bio child, that said had I had the money I may have tried own eggs one more time

AliceAbsolum Wed 06-Mar-19 18:00:12

Thank you everyone, really helpful. I was about to start next cycle but the scan and bloods threw up this issue alongside a cyst.
Really good to hear some success stories, but the odds are against me I know.

I'm struggling to find information about donor eggs, is it a lot more expensive? Would ivf insurance cover it?

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tryingtobeamum8 Wed 06-Mar-19 18:09:22

At 34 you are young and still have a long time, I would keep going, fingers crossed for you x

Ilikeviognier Wed 06-Mar-19 20:12:33

Mine was 2.8 when I was 34. I’ve been pregnant 3 times since and had 2 live births.
One of those babies came from a round of ivf which produced only 2 eggs and 1 embryo. The other baby came from a natural conception when the ivf baby was 8 months old (had been trying for 1 month thinking it would take years to get pregnant again).

Key take home is this- even if you have few eggs the quality of them is far more important than the number you have; and at 34 your egg quality is likely decent.

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