Can you have IVF with NHS after private

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Eleonore15 Wed 06-Mar-19 10:59:30


We are trying to conceive for almost 2 years and in July 2018 have been referred to NHS for a treatment. I was given Provera to start my periods and Clomid to stimulate ovaries in December. However it has been a mess with NHS from the beginning from referring us to a wrong doctor to actually having to start taking Clomid. It has been amost 8 months and I have just started cycle 1 with Clomid, which is not working so far (just had my first scan today). Every appointment takes time off work and I find it very difficult to come up with a new exuse why I need to be late or have a day off.

Has anybody tried going private just for Clomid treatment and if unsuccesful then come back to NHS for IVF? Or once you are private there is no way back to NHS? Its just flexibility issue for us, to be able to manage both trying to conceive and work and we can afford to do scans private but IVF is really expensive there. What is your advice, please.

Thank you,

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Sorry to not have an answer but following as well - I just made a post yesterday about being referred to the wrong doctor! We are thinking about getting some tests done privately but wondering if we could come back to the NHS for treatment..

BadlyAgedMemes Wed 06-Mar-19 13:02:40

From our experience from a few years ago: the private treatment cycle will be counted into your allowed quota of NHS treatments. In our case, we'd had a single IVF cycle privately, and then went onto the NHS side, where in our area we were allowed three cycles in theory, but with having had the private one, we had two NHS cycles remaining. So my recommendation would be to go for the NHS ones first, if you're hoping to have it.

Eleonore15 Wed 06-Mar-19 13:15:59

Thank you. But do you think this relates to Clomid as well, if I will do just Clomid privately and return to NHs for IVf. We are just afraid they will reject us after taking Clomid privately.

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Tomtontom Wed 06-Mar-19 13:19:05

All areas have different policies. You'd need to ask your CCG for their policy.

BadlyAgedMemes Wed 06-Mar-19 13:25:53

No, honestly I wouldn't think that would affect it. Sorry if I didn't read your OP properly. There's no certain quota for Clomid treatments, as far as I know, that the CCGs would control, and it's not really the big funding issue that IVF is. But if you're worried, your CCG is the place to ask re. their policies.

Lauren83 Wed 06-Mar-19 16:37:37

It's usually only an IVF cycle that affects NHS entitlement but like said do ask your CCG just incase


raindropsinspring Wed 06-Mar-19 17:33:40

CCG are getting so much stricter and many won't consider you for NHS funding if you have gone private already - the wait time as you are now seeing are horrendous on the NHS and if you can afford it go private x

LessLivid Wed 06-Mar-19 20:40:06

I was told my private cycles invalidated any NHS cycles I might have had.

dietcokemegafan Wed 06-Mar-19 20:41:09

Ask your CCG and get the reply in writing.

Mol5 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:25:55


We went private for clomid whilst still on NHS referral.

Our NHS appointment waitlist was many months and in the meantime between appointments we found a local consultant who for a $200 fee saw us and gave us 6 months of clomid.

The NHS clinic didn't know about this but the private consultant said if we were to continue seeing him he would inform the NHS and they would remove me from my referral. It was up to us to decide which route to pursue thereafter because you can't be in 2 clinics at once.

The clomid privately wasn't successful but when I returned to the NHS clinic for an appointment months later and told them (and presented a letter from the private cnslt), they agreed to proceed as normal.

There was no mention of that in our CCG guidelines and you'd have no obligation to tell the NHS what you have done privately..

Mol5 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:26:34

* sorry £ not $ of course! In the UK.

Mol5 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:29:31

Important to note - if you do tell the NHS clinic you are going private - they will remove you from your referral and you'd be removed from treatment and can't go back.

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