IVF in Alicante

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Beyondthesea1 Sat 02-Mar-19 21:06:28

Has anyone got any experience of IVF in Alicante. We are currently looking into the clinic at UR Vistahermosa. Ta

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ViolaD77 Wed 06-Mar-19 21:04:59

Following.. I'm looking at alicante, Prague, Greece and Cyprus 😁

MrsGEW Wed 24-Apr-19 12:32:50

Hey - We met staff and a doctor from UR Vista Hemrosa at the Fertility show in March and we have decided to go for embryo donation there in Oct 2019. We have found their communication via e-mail afterwards really helpful and we were instantly put at ease when we talked our situation through with the doctor at the show.
I am getting my vital tests done over this next week, and we hope to send our deposit and our donor preferences over in the next month. Hopefully then we're going to fix a date. It is difficult to find much feedback on the web, but from what I have read so far I feel quite reassured.
I'd welcome any information form anyone who has already been for treatment there also smile

cutex Mon 07-Oct-19 22:15:33

@MrsGEW, please did you still go ahead with UR Vista Hemrosa? How was your experience with them? Thanks

MrsGEW Tue 08-Oct-19 07:43:37

We are going for our treatment next week - our transfer is next Friday! So excited! x

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