IVF advice, 2nd attempt 40years, secondary infertility

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Sigoesperando Thu 28-Feb-19 22:43:36

Hi all looking for some advice/experiences;
I had first round ivf last year, which produced 6eggs which all fertilised and 2 good quality 1of which a 9cell at day 3 I was told almost top quality. Unfortunately on day 3when i was supposed to have the transfer I had some bleeding and was advised not to go ahead and wait for day 5 but they didn’t make it, I was devastated. We are considering trying again albeit privately again so saving like mad but also wondering if we are letting our hearts rule our heads; I am 40 now and AMH was 1.2, my husband has low sperm count so it was ICSI but they had to pick the best of a small bunch that were motile.
Going by the statistics from the consultant and being told the odds are stacked against us we really not sure whether it’s worth another attempt. I can’t help thinking about what if I had the et on day 3 and that top quality egg, but as one of the medical staff said in the follow up the egg didn’t make it to day 5 so wouldn’t have been successful anyway.
I have been taking DHEA (on the consultants advice), COQ10, DHA and pregnacare Pre conception ever since the attempt 5months ago.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

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Runner31 Sat 02-Mar-19 09:35:27

I'm also on my second attempt, 39yrs old and first attempt ended in miscarriage last year. I have unexplained infertility and have been trying for a total of 6yrs. During fertility tests a dermoid cyst was found on my left ovary which has all but made it useless but my right one seems to be working fine.
The only advice I would give you is ask yourself will I regret not trying. Although we will have one more go at ivf if this doesn't work we have decided that we would go down the adoption route instead. My main goal is to have a family whether that's biological or not is not hugely important to me but has been to my husband. So we agreed we would try IVF while we could. I was also conscious that I didn't want to regret trying. So far this second cycle has convinced me adoption is the way forward for us but I'm at peace with that decision and so is my husband because we are going forward with life without regrets and a clearer idea of what is right for us.
I'm not sure if that's useful advice but whatever you choose to do, good luck. X

Sigoesperando Sat 02-Mar-19 10:02:15

Thank you for the advice and you are right I don’t want to regret anything. I have spoken to DH and this time round we need to invest more in him being healthy and cutting caffeine and alcohol out in the lead up to it; last time it was just me and with the supplements and as the clinic said they could get what they needed from him we didn’t look into it enough and rushed ahead; it seems now as it xount was so low I wonder if we still could have improved the sperm that he had ensuring it was the best quality to try.
Wish you lots of luck with your next cycle and that’s wonderful if you did adopt in the end. Xx

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