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Hopingforbabyd Sat 23-Feb-19 19:02:28

Hi ladies
I’m hoping to find a cycle buddy or anyone who has been through IVF before. We are due to have our appointment for our plan at the end of next week and I just wanted to hear any stories/advice anyone may have as my mind is very busy with questions.
A little background from me, I’m 28 and been trying to conceive for 3 years now. Last year I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis which sadly affected both of my tubes. I’ve had them removed in November and all endo has been removed. We have been told the chances of conception are against us due to the severity of my condition but I’m holding onto hope. Are there any ladies who have similar stories who can give me a little encouragement? I’m quite nervous to start IVF but excited at the idea this could be our chance!
Thanks 😊💛 xx

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Boogie20 Tue 26-Feb-19 22:16:21


I am hoping to start my first ivf cycle soon as well. But I’m finding it really difficult to pick the right clinic. I have been to visit 2 but any reviews I can find online are horrible. How did you choose?

Hopingforbabyd Tue 26-Feb-19 22:54:49

Hi! And welcome 😊 firstly, I’m wishing you all the luck in the world on your journey. I had the choice of either Hull or Leeds based on where I live and I read up on both their success rates and Hull sounded like the best one for me and everyone so far has been so lovely there.
What did you make of the 2 clinics you went to or is it the reviews putting you off? I’m hoping you’re able to find one soon. It’s all down to personal experience I guess but I know that reviews can make things really hard to decide. I know at Hull there was an option to pay £50 to have a chat with the consultant if we were undecided, maybe if the clinics offer that it might help you to decide which ones right for you? x

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Boogie20 Wed 27-Feb-19 08:12:13

Thank you! I’ll be pulling for you as well.

We visited City Fertility and CRGH. I also have a meeting with CARE London.
They have all offered a free mini consultation with has helped when starting from scratch.
It seems like there are a lot of fake reviews out there, and some of the bad ones are saying avoid at all costs... I chose these three based on info from www.hfea.gov.uk.

Queenfreak Wed 27-Feb-19 08:14:40

Hi ladies,
We are starting our second round end of March.
Our first round was successful and we have a nearly 2 year old.
Happy to hold hands if you'll hold mine! It's a scary thing!

Queenfreak Wed 27-Feb-19 08:15:54

We chose working Nuffield Victoria wing based on their live births stats.
We looked at every clinic within an hour drive and that was the best.

omalleyalleycat Wed 27-Feb-19 08:19:58

I went to quite a few open evenings and decided on Create Birmingham - I have a long complicated history too - recurrent miscarriages and ectopics- I found Create to be really friendly and personable and liked the mild ivf approach.
But it's a really personal decision to make who to go with (and spend all that money with) - I've just done a freeze all ICSI round with Create and should have transfer in the next week or so - but I know when I was looking online at reviews there were plenty of bad comments about Create but that was the same for every clinic we looked at so it's very much a leap of faith! What works for once person won't work for another in terms of our they are looked after during the process x

omalleyalleycat Wed 27-Feb-19 08:23:05

Also locality is really important - especially if you work - Create is close to where we live and that's been really important when I had scans every other day - sometimes daily - you don't need the stress of sitting in traffic wondering if you're going to be late for your appointment! Also they start scans/treatment at 730am (a lot of places don't) which meant the impact on work was minimal - crucial if you decide not to tell your bosses (I did and he was lovely about it but I felt better about doing early visits to the clinic so it wouldn't seem like I was taking the piss disappearing off early or arriving late for work a lot over a period of 10 days)

Hopingforbabyd Wed 27-Feb-19 09:24:49

I agree with omalleyalleycat, it is all down to your own personal experience. I struggled to find a lot of reviews for Hull I think there were about 17 and they were all lovely to read but then I went on a forum once and saw really awful ones. I decided to go with my gut and base it more on the statistics of their success rate and so far they have been more than wonderful there. It’s comforting to know that everyone in the ivf clinic, from the consultants to the receptionists, completely understand what it is that you’re going through and from my experience so far they like to put your mind at ease so ask lots of questions. I had my pre assessment scan yesterday and I told the sonographer that I was a little concerned for what she’d find (last time it was a 8cm endometrium cyst which needed removing and then hello infertility) so I was very anxious that something sinister was in there again. The lady was so lovely and took everything I said onboard, she’s even booked me in to start my down reg earlier to halt anymore endo growth and that’s next week! We haven’t seen the consultant yet for our plan of treatment we’re seeing him on Friday, so whether the lady’s kind gesture goes ahead or not I’m not sure lol but either way it’s lovely to know they do all really care and I’m certain that will be the same with whichever clinic you choose to go with.

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organicapricot Wed 06-Mar-19 17:34:15

Hi all, I've just had my collection today. 12 eggs so just trying to be patient and wait till tomorrow when we know how many have fertilised. Good luck to you starting out and if you want to ask anything let me know. Not an expert by any means but it's been ok for me so far. Physically anyway x

Hopingforbabyd Wed 06-Mar-19 18:59:13

Hi organicapricot! Welcome!! I wish you so much luck on your journey and hoping for some promising news for you tomorrow. How did you find egg collection? We’re due to start treatment 3 weeks after my next cycle so that’ll be around the beginning of April. Feeling very nervous but excited x

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organicapricot Wed 06-Mar-19 20:20:25

Thank you Hopingforbabyd, there is excitement when you start moving with it isn't there. Seems like you are getting closer to the goal. The collection was fine, all went to plan and was in and out in 3 hrs. The worst bit was having the canular in your hand but the actual procedure I was fast asleep for! Including the pain killer popped up my bottom at the end 🙈
Relaxed for the rest of the day and no pain as yet so think I've been lucky. Not as bad as I was anticipating x

Cns12 Wed 06-Mar-19 21:24:31

Hi ladies hope all well, im new to mumsnet and just looking for other lovely ladies who are going through ivf to chat and share with. Im 6 days post E. On my first cycle with 2 other frozen blasts. Been trying to concieve for over 4 years and reasons are unknown why is hasnt worked naturally. The 2ww is driving me crazy and im getting a few cramps and twinges today which im trying hard not to worry about. Anyone else in their 2ww??

Hopingforbabyd Wed 06-Mar-19 21:40:23

Hi cns12! Welcome 😊 so lovely to have you on our group! Sending you so many positive vibes and hoping your cramps are from the little bean making a lovely home!
I’m due to start my first cycle at the beginning of April so if you have any advice or tips I’d be really grateful to hear from you.
It must be a surreal feeling that the tww this time round could be the real thing and I guess the only way to be in any tww as you’ll know, is to keep your mind busy. All the waiting really is something that can play on your mind, for me though I’m not at that stage yet - I’ve decided that while I wait to start treatment (about 3 1/2 weeks now) to have a really good spring clean starting from one room in the house aaaaall the way to the top. Including shredding, sorting out old clothes, washing the skirting boards to giving the windows a good clean and before you know it time has gone by so quickly 😊 are you working during your tww? X

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Cns12 Thu 07-Mar-19 06:41:33

Hi @hopingforbabyd, its exciting starting the process and its so funny your spring cleaning as i did the exact same thing, maybe its wishful nesting 😉 apart from 2 days when i got my egg recovery i have worked throughout my treatment. Alot of early morning apps at clinic but wasnt too bad. The tww was fine to start with but this last day and especially last night the cramps and feeling nauseated kept me up so im worried about all sorts now. Trying to keep positive til we find out on monday. Please keep in touch with how your round is going and if you have any questions i am happy to answer as best i can. 😘

DaisyMay25 Thu 07-Mar-19 11:52:31

Hi, hoping I can join, there's another thread like this one too so hope you don't mind me joining this one.

I'm about to start my first round of ICSI on Wednesday, got a scan to make sure I've ovulated then start my injections.

Where is everyone else at in their journey?

Hopingforbabyd Thu 07-Mar-19 12:23:03

Hi @DaisyMay25 😊 welcome to the board!! How are you feeling? Wanting to wish you all the luck for ICSI, our consultant said we would likely be using this too due to hubby having boarderline low morphology however said he would decide on the day. We’re due to start treatment on cd21 of next cycle so around the beginning of April. Which protocol are you on? On cd21 we go to sign our consent forms and start norethisterone until af starts. Have you used this too? Just wondering if this is in injection form or tablet? Any advice would be great for myself and anyone else wishing to join 😊 x

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organicapricot Thu 07-Mar-19 12:24:21

Good luck @Cns12 fingers crossed for Monday. I'm back at work after EC. ET is on .Monday and we have heard today that 7 have fertilised from our 12 collected. I have been advised to keep up your usual routine as much as possible in 2ww so I'll be working. I'm in an office job so can sit down all day anyway!!

Hopingforbabyd Thu 07-Mar-19 12:27:19

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Hopingforbabyd Thu 07-Mar-19 12:30:10

@organicapricot that’s absolutely fantastic! Hoping all goes well for you over the next few days in the lead up to Monday! It’s good to hear they say to keep up your normal routine, did they say you can go back to work the following day?
How did you feel after egg collection? x

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DaisyMay25 Thu 07-Mar-19 12:34:11

@Hopingforbabyd thank you! I'm on long protocol, I'm excited to get started but also just want it all to be done so I know if it's worked all not so I can move on if it hasn't
I haven't used any medication yet, I pick it all up on Wednesday so I'll let you know what I've been given, as far as I know mine are injections apart from some suppositories after EC I believe.

@organicapricot good luck for you ET, those are some good numbers too. Just wondering how your EC was? I suffer from anxiety so finding it hard not to dread it

Hopingforbabyd Thu 07-Mar-19 12:47:49

@DaisyMay25 I’m with you on that one, I’m really apprehensive about it all. In my head I have this vision of it working but I know in reality it’s not that simple. I’m the same as you and suffer a lot with anxiety and have been dreading EC before I’ve even started! I watched a vlog on YouTube last night and the husband filmed the whole thing, it was really strange watching the lady be sedated she looked very comfortable but in a way I wish I didn’t watch it 🙈 so yes, @organicapricot any words of encouragement we would greatly appreciate 😊

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Cns12 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:04:36

@hopingforbabyd im moving house at the mo so my dh is pretty much doing everything. This is my first round and my test is on monday trying to stay hopeful 🤞
@organicapricot i also suffer from anxiety and got myself all worked up for the EC but to be totally honest the worst part for me was the canular in the hand lol dont remember a thing of the procedure and only mild cramping after, big deep breaths and tell the nurses how your feeling, it helps 😉 i just need to get through these next few days without a visit from AF.

Hopingforbabyd Thu 07-Mar-19 14:38:00

Good luck with the house move @cns12 and sending you lots of baby dust for test day on Monday. You brave brave lady, even though I’m about to go through this myself I still find every story and every woman an absolute inspiration x

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organicapricot Thu 07-Mar-19 18:26:31

Yeah the EC was really much less of an ordeal than I was expecting. You just sleep through it and I don't remember feeling any pain during it. So far so good with recovery too. Spent the day in bed when I got home but had no issues today at all. A small bit of spotting but that's normal x

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