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79andnotout Thu 21-Feb-19 16:30:40

Hi! I've been referred for IVF by my gynae department, and I've been trying to find the rules for eligibility for my local CCG, but can't.

I have elevated FSH - 12.0. I'm trying to do a bit of a straw poll to see if that will rule me out, before getting my hopes up as it will be a couple of months till I get my referral (the consultant gynaecologist didn't seem to know!). I meet all other criteria as far as I can see, age, weight, non smoker, no other kids for me and partner etc.

If you're having NHS treatment, have they given you a cut off for FSH?

My AMH was 10, measured recently and a year ago, so not changed much. I'm hoping that means my reserve is actually okay for now, I'm just starting to hit peri-menopause.

Thanks for your help!

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79andnotout Thu 21-Feb-19 16:31:36

The consultant wasn't sure about the FSH rules, not how long it would take to get the referral, should have made that clearer...

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KatnissMellark Thu 21-Feb-19 16:33:06

You can phone your CCG and ask them to email you the guidelines. That's what I did with mine. Google the phone number. Good luck

79andnotout Thu 21-Feb-19 16:35:43

Ah, that's sensible. Thanks @KatnissMellark!

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Lauren83 Thu 21-Feb-19 19:55:00

Mine had an upper FSH limit of 10, I did have treatment with it at 8.9 (AMH 2.2) when it went to 17 they withdrew funding for own egg, they did however retest to give it chance to come down but it went higher, It did go back to 8 a year after but at that point I had already started treatment with donor eggs

79andnotout Thu 21-Feb-19 22:56:53

Thanks @Lauren83 , that's really useful info.

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kikisparks Sun 24-Feb-19 14:08:26

At mine you will get treatment whatever the level is, but they check the level to decide what kind of treatment.

79andnotout Sun 24-Feb-19 20:13:06

Thanks @kikisparks, that's hopeful!

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