First GP appointment - what to expect/what to say?

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flyingplum Thu 21-Feb-19 08:24:49

Hi everyone. OH and I have been TTC since January last year. Not a sausage until this month, when I've had a chem.

Have my first appt with the GP to talk about next steps, but wondering what they'll want to know, and what
I should say, as I have a specific worry and am not sure what effect it will have.

I have PCOS and endometrial cysts - my cycle has regulated itself to about 35 days over the last 18 months or so, but I'm not sure I ovulate in every cycle. So the deck is stacked against us already. On top of this, I live and work in Leeds, and OH is split between Leeds and London for work. It means we've missed a lot of Windows - not by much, and if we were younger (I'm almost 35, he's 39) and I didn't have pre-existing, it would probably be ok. I'm worried that they will think we've not tried for long enough, because we live apart and aren't able to target ovulation clearly.

Should I explain this/will they care? FWIW we've already agreed that if I get put in meds for ovulation, OP will be up here. I just don't know how much detail I should give or what to expect from the questions.

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Chocolatecake12 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:31:06

Before you get put on any medication they’ll want to do tests for both of you and wait for results. Just be honest with the gp. It’s hard to second guess what questions they’ll ask and pre prepare answers.

flyingplum Thu 21-Feb-19 08:33:37

Sorry, yes - I know they won't prescribe anything next week. Just wanted to make sure people knew we wouldn't be stupid enough to squander the chance if that does come up further down the line smile

And thanks...I know honesty is best, I just also think I have enough physical reasons why this isn't happening and am worried they'll want to blame our living arrangement without doing any tests. No idea how well founded that is.

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Mrsmch123 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:37:41

Hi think it hugely depends on your area. For us it was 21 day bloods and one sperm analysis but they referred us before they had the results. Other people seem to have a whole host of tests before being referred. At our first and only gp appointment they asked how long we had been trying and then referred us. We didn’t have to go in to lots of details. Even when we attended the assisted conception unit they didn’t go into lots of detail of how often we dtd. Just how long we have been trying and how long my periods were, did we smoke drink, take supplements ect. Hope this helps😁

flyingplum Thu 21-Feb-19 08:44:18

Thanks @Mrsmch123. Am registered at a practice a colleague recommended to me as being great when she was TTC, though that was 8 yrs ago now so it's probably completely different now. Guess will just have to see what happens. Feel v nervous, stupidly.

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Mrsmch123 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:49:40

It’s entirely normal to feel nervous and not stupid at all. Hopefully you get the answers/ treatment you require😁

physicskate Thu 21-Feb-19 08:54:57

My gp sent me away at the 13 month mark because I'd had two chemicals.

I'm not saying yours will tell you to just keep trying, but you've proven you can conceive (that was the most awful phrase, I'm sorry) so there is a vague possibility they could say to keep ttc for another 6 months or year before they run tests.

My gp was also a prick... hope yours isn't.


flyingplum Thu 21-Feb-19 09:01:17

@physicskate - this is what worries me. Maybe I'll pretend I don't know about the chem...I just think we got very lucky last month, but I'm not sure I'm ovulating regularly. If I hadn't tested, I would never have known.

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Kelly199 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:46:39

Hi @flyingplum
My and my partner are both in different doctors. Haven't changed as I like mine and just easier for him to stay as he had an SA test and count high no prob and my doc said that if she needs to refer us then she can refer us as a couple anyway.
I had bloods at gp and showed I wasn't ovulating and hormone ratio over 3 so I was referred for a transvaginal scan and confirmed pcos. I have a consultation on 01/03 with gynaecologist (paid private for consultation to avoid up to 6 month wait and they will then refer me back to nhs). Will see what the treatment plan is then!
Gp at first appt just asked about how long we had been ttc, if I had been on any contraception and how long had it been since I stopped taking it, history of cycles. Questions like that..I can't remember what else now!

physicskate Thu 21-Feb-19 12:04:25

@flyingplum - I wouldn't lie. It could affect your treatment, you could get tests you don't need (wasting not only money but time). Infertility testing will not make you get pregnant faster, nor will seeking help from your gp. Time, and possible treatments might. But you want the RIGHT treatments, and fibbing might not help you get that (for example they might focus on tubes and you could 'waste' months pursuing an avenue that likely does not apply to you and won't help you get pregnant. 80% will get pregnant in a year (like you, and I did) and 90% within 2 years (btw I am NOT saying it is unreasonable for you to pursue testing; my opinion is that you are doing the right thing by pursuing testing).

Testing found nothing wrong with me or my husband. How might that make you feel? Testing is not a surefire way to make the process any easier - it is NOT a silver bullet.

In the end, I didn't become pregnant in my second year of ttc. I had ivf during my third year, which I was incredibly fortunate to have success with.

flyingplum Fri 22-Feb-19 15:58:28

@physicskate - you're right, I know. I guess I'm just conscious I'm not getting younger (35 in April) and am worried about being made to wait even longer without any proper investigations into what's going on. I guess my faith has been knocked on the seriousness of GPS to take women's health seriously, because i has to pass out with with the pain of what turned out to be cyst ruptures three times over two years before anyone would refer me for an ultrasound. And then they only did it because I had to pretend we wanted to try for children and I was worried about the implications. Has a huge endometrial cyst (still there as far as am aware...)

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Anaesthetist83 Fri 22-Feb-19 16:20:33

It’s not necessarily too early - I went to my GP last August at 6 months because it was pretty clear from my cycles that I wasn’t ovulating. Half of me expected to just be sent away again, but given I had another sig health problem and was well at that point, and just turning 35, I was gobsmacked when he said “I agree that it is worth investigating” and started the process right away. We were seen by the NHS fertility clinic in Sept. investigations were sept/Oct and started clomid in November. That wasn’t working so have switched to letrozole.

NICE guidelines do say that investigations can commence earlier than a year if there is concern that there may be an issue.

flyingplum Fri 22-Feb-19 17:06:49

@Anaesthetist83 - I recently learnt this. I wish I'd know/thought to check and gone in the summer. Feel like have wasted so much time. Have a diagnosis of PCOS and endo, so I think that qualifies as pre-existing grounds for concerns, even if it turns out not to be what's causing the problems...

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Anaesthetist83 Fri 22-Feb-19 18:53:49

well you can't worry about only seeking help now - 12 months (or there abouts) isn't that long (though appreciate it feels it) and you have a strong case for investigation now.... good luck!

Sigoesperando Fri 01-Mar-19 10:35:35

Sorry I may be on the wrong thread trying to look for advice
Hi all looking for some advice/experiences;
I had first round ivf last year, which produced 6eggs which all fertilised and 2 good quality 1of which a 9cell at day 3 I was told almost top quality. Unfortunately on day 3when i was supposed to have the transfer I had some bleeding and was advised not to go ahead and wait for day 5 but they didn’t make it, I was devastated. We are considering trying again albeit privately again so saving like mad but also wondering if we are letting our hearts rule our heads; I am 40 now and AMH was 1.2, my husband has low sperm count so it was ICSI but they had to pick the best of a small bunch that were motile.
Going by the statistics from the consultant and being told the odds are stacked against us we really not sure whether it’s worth another attempt. I can’t help thinking about what if I had the et on day 3 and that top quality egg, but as one of the medical staff said in the follow up the egg didn’t make it to day 5 so wouldn’t have been successful anyway.
I have been taking DHEA (on the consultants advice), COQ10, DHA and pregnacare Pre conception ever since the attempt 5months ago.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

flyingplum Mon 04-Mar-19 10:11:09

In case anyone else was wondering this...GP didn't really want to know anything. Just told me to book in for bloods starting next cycle. All the sorry for nothing...was there for all of 3 minutes! That'll teach me...

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Alp8 Fri 05-Apr-19 22:12:07

Have you had your consultation yet? If so... how was it?

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