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rachelg1974 Wed 20-Feb-19 23:12:29

Hi there,
I'm going to have my first FET next month. I'm 44 so I'm not holding out too much hope, even though I conceived my first child naturally at 40.
I just wondered if anyone had any tips? I've been taking Zita West supplements and generally keeping healthy. Any other ideas on what might maximise my chances?
Thanks in advance!

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mariethecat Thu 21-Feb-19 15:01:24

Hi I've been doing fertility acupuncture - not sure if it's helped yet though as haven't had our transfer yet x

CritterTamer Thu 21-Feb-19 15:56:36

Another one for fertility acupuncture here. Also fertility yoga, ubiquinol and vitamin D spray for egg quality (although these ideally need to be started 3 months in advance if egg collection cycle so a bit late for FET I've just realised - sorry!) I also had an endo scratch for my successful cycle, although I know not everyone rates these.

LillyLeaf Thu 21-Feb-19 19:26:25

I'm hoping to start a FET cycle next month too, also looking for tips. Any way to improve lining?

64632K Thu 21-Feb-19 21:15:32

I had a successful FET in Jan. Just made sure I drank lots of water in the weeks running up, stuck to my medication, I didnt need any supplements as all my levels were good. Thats pretty much all I did and stayed away from hot baths etc. Kept my feet warm afterwards.

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