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Mrsmch123 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:37:42

Hi we have male factor infertility very low count at 3 million.Think they mentioned they aren’t moving much aswel🤷🏻‍♀️(Reminds self to call the drs for the actual numbers). Anyway husband has to repeat sperm analysis and take supplements. They mentioned testing for cystic fibrosis if his sperm doesn’t go above 5 mil. If it goes above the 5 then we will be referred for icsi.Obviously at the time we were a bit shocked and forgot to ask some questions which I’m now hoping you knowledgeable lot will be able to answer.
1. We get 3 goes on the nhs but what does one round consist of?for example if they for collect say 10 eggs and all are fertilised and one put back in and the rest are frozen. Does one cycle count as the first egg they put back or once you use all the eggs collected ie the other 9?
2. Why would he need tested for being a carrier of cf?

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Rspu3 Wed 20-Feb-19 20:58:58

Hi 👋 I’m in a similar situation my ohs count is also 2-3 million and motility not very good it was only 4percent motility then he started taking Superdrug male fertility supplements and his motility improved to 31percent. I don’t n ow about the cystic fibrosis our gp hasn’t mentioned that, I thought that only azoospermic men were tested for cf. I will now ask about that though. I think one cycle is classed as one embryo being put back in then option to have the rest frozen for frozen egg transfer where you don’t need to go through the ovary stimulation/egg collection again. But that does depend on the quality of the embryos

Rspu3 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:00:25

Also it is a big shock and me and my oh we’re devastated but we have been trying for years so we knew something was up so was kind of glad to get an answer of years of ttc with nothing not even a pregnancy “scare” type situation just nothing. X

Mrsmch123 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:28:08

Thanks for the reply. The cf was mentioned at the assisted conception unit.When I went to the gp they just said get 21day bloods done and a sperm analysis but refered us before they knew the results. The gp didn’t talk about anything tbh was very much like you’s have been trying for at least 2 years so I will refer you as they are the specialist. We only found out on Monday about the low sperm count at our appointment with the acu so it’s still all very new. We handed the sample in on the Friday before so there was no time to get the results before the appointment. Yeh we have been the same. Stopped all contraception in 2013, waited to see what happened which has been nothing🤦🏻‍♀️

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Rspu3 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:51:57

Us too 2013 we stopped contraception too, how old are you if you don’t mind me asking ? I’m now 28 and finding it’s getting harder to cope with now. We have been to the gp but our referal to gyn/ infertility has been cancelled then the referal has been put back because we haven’t had enough tests through the gp a feel like we are getting nowhere. Have you yourself cameback with any issues or just your oh? X

Mrsmch123 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:06:37

Ive just turned 30. We had an appointment March last year at the acu but due to my husbands granddad becoming unwell and subsequently dying we didn’t attend. Called the gp in January who sent the referral again and we had our appointment on Monday. We have literally only had the 21day bloods one time(came back at 36) and one sperm analysis. They are doing a hystoscopy on me but I’m waiting for an appointment for this. We will go back to the asc in may time after husband has been on the suppliments for 3 months. I did have a vaginal ultrasound. They said everything looked fine, my womb lining was nice and thick and I was about to ovulate as they could see a big follicle on the screen.
Yeah the constant questions from people are the worst!it definitely got worse after we got married....
What test have you and your oh had done?x

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Rspu3 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:25:10

Sorry to hear why you had to postpone
Oh has had 2 analysis first one was 2 million motility 4percent and don’t know the morph they said too low to count have you had the morph?
Second test was 3 mill motility 31percent so a tiny improvement.
He’s had blood tests too which came back normal
For his hormones.
I’ve had an internal vaginal scan which came back normal LH and FSH blood tests which came back normal, hormone blood tests which were normal except prolactin was slightly high last year but has now gone back to normal.
The hospital have said we have not had enough tests to be referred so now need rubella blood test for me chlamydia swabs and bmi height and weight. Pissed me off a lot as the doctor should have done these tests months ago so nothing messed up our referral. I’m glad you are getting the ball rolling, do you have to be referred to the hospital? I know it’s different departments depending on where abouts you live x


Rspu3 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:26:12

I have actually also read if it is only male factor infertility then icsi/ivf kind of does the job for it anyway and success rates if the woman has no issues is quite good so that helped me when we had ohs results a lot x

Mrsmch123 Wed 20-Feb-19 22:48:42

Wow you’s have had loads of test done in comparison to us😱tbh I expected more tests/bloods on my part.i kind of feel like what if I have an issue aswel because they have only checked 21 day bloods??Yeh we attended our local hospital on Monday. They did tell us the numbers of the motility and morph but I can’t remenber them.should have asked for them to write them down! It’s mad how different hospitals want different things before the referral. I had my height and weight done at the hospital and we both had to take the carbon monoxide test.

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Rspu3 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:31:47

If I was you I would ask for these tests before being referred as our referal has been cancelled because my gp is incompetent. Partner has had 2 sa and the doctor didn’t attach the results 🙄ask your doctor for-
Ls and fsh bloods think it’s day 2-4 of your period.
Hormone tests for your partner and you.
Chlamydia swabs
Bmi height and weight.
I thought we had a lot of tests done but it’s not enough apparently. I really hope you get further and a lot quicker than us. Luckily because of our ages we do have time on our side x

Mrsmch123 Thu 21-Feb-19 13:17:37

Totally get what you are saying but wouldn’t this have been flagged up as needing to be checked when we attended the assisted conception unit?i will ring them and ask. Is it for assisted conception unit that your referral got cancelled?yeh hopefully we both get the ball rolling sooner rather than later x

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Rspu3 Thu 21-Feb-19 13:33:01

I’m not sure I think it might be different departments for you. We went to the doctors who has to do these fertility tests then we were referred to gynaecology/ infertility team department at the hospital. The hospital have cancelled our appointments as the gate saying our doctor has not done enough testing. X

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