Embryo anxiety - is no news bad news?

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burgerlady Mon 18-Feb-19 15:58:52

I had my egg collection last wednesday resulting in 10 eggs. I had expected more with 30 follicles, and even had to have my trigger switched due to risk of OHSS.

Heard first thing on Thursday that 8 eggs fertilised and I was expecting to hear from the embryologist again today how many made it to day 5 for freezing - but so far no word (I've not taken my eyes off my phone all day willing it to ring!).

Do you think this is a bad sign? Surely if any had made it I'd have heard by now? I know I'm not being very rational, can't shake the anxious feeling though. With all my follicles I had expected about 20 eggs and thought I had the numbers on my side. Now i'm full of doubt.

Ugh, I hate all the stupid waiting!

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Bacon17 Mon 18-Feb-19 17:26:05

Hi burgerlady,

Congrats on your fertilised eggs! 8 is a great number! Are you having a freeze all? If so, they probably won't ring you until tomorrow (day 6) as that is the day they decide on which embryos are good enough for freezing and then freeze them.

I've just been through this exact same thing - my egg collection was last Monday and they called me yesterday (Sunday) to tell me how many they're putting in the freezer. My clinic did tell me that I wouldn't hear anything until day 6. I would hang in there until tomorrow and if you don't hear anything by the afternoon then maybe give the clinic a call.

The waiting is awful, but try not to worry as I'm sure you'll hear tomorrow. xx

burgerlady Mon 18-Feb-19 17:45:32

Thanks Bacon, your message has made me feel so much better! Hopefully that's what it is and I'll get good news tomorrow.

Yes I'm having a freeze all. Bit annoying because I'm not sure if I technically needed to - the high number of follicles didn't translate into a lot of eggs or OHSS. But I had the other trigger so nothing can be done now. I know the success rate is the same, maybe even a bit better for frozen, but it's just more ruddy waiting isn't it!

Did you end up with a good number to freeze? And do you know how long before your transfer? I've been told they aim for 8 weeks so considering a holiday before then to keep my mind off it.

Thanks again. X

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Bacon17 Mon 18-Feb-19 20:59:01

Hi again!

It sounds like we're in quite similar boats! I also had to freeze all because of OHSS risk and a large number of follicles. They changed my trigger, too. In the end they could only take from my left ovary, but I still ended up with 12 eggs, 9 of which fertilised and we got 6 blastos to freeze. I was so happy/relieved with that, even though it's been such an emotional rollercoaster just to get to this point!

I've got no idea how long it will be before transfer, as they've not told me much. I'm just waiting to hear from them and should hopefully know more this week. They said the consultant I'm under likes you to have at least one bleed before they'll do it, and I've now got my period, but then I read that this is classed as a 'withdrawal' bleed and not classed as your first period?! It's so confusing and the waiting is torturous. I just really want to get on with it, the limbo is horrible!

We've actually booked a little holiday next month, too. We needed something to focus on in between all the waiting and hoping.

Is this your first round? It's our first time, so I'm just learning as I go. I really hope you get positive news tomorrow! The waiting is rubbish isn't it? I can't imagine what the 2ww will be like!


burgerlady Mon 18-Feb-19 22:44:10

6 is a great number to get, i'd be delighted with that!

I was told 2-6 weeks for my period to come - no mention of 'withdrawal' bleeding. How confusing! I had a supercur trigger, don't know if that makes a difference. Is it heavy or just spotting? My notes say the first period will be heavier than normal due to increased thickness of your womb lining.

Yes this is my first round so also learning as I go. Haven't found it too bad in terms of the drugs and egg collection, it's all the waiting and not knowing that grinds you down. That's when the doubt creeps in...

Had a night away on Saturday which was just what I needed and now eyeing up a trip to Seville next month. Definitely feel I deserve a treat! X

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Bacon17 Mon 25-Feb-19 13:16:12

Hi burgerlady,

Hope you're well. Just thought I'd check in to see if you eventually got a call about your little embryos? I really hope it was good news for you. I think we're in a similar boat, so it'd be good to have a FET buddy when it comes to it.

I've just found out our follow-up appointment is not until mid April! I'm so frustrated as they never explained that it would be so long to wait and they left us 2 weeks before even getting in touch, when we were told it would be a few days. The waiting is just so hard and knowing that even after the appointment it will be more waiting until we actually get to start. Trying to stay positive, but it's so hard sometimes.

I'd definitely recommend booking that holiday if you can! Seville would be beautiful.


burgerlady Mon 25-Feb-19 14:12:23

Hi @Bacon17,

Yes I got three embryos! Would have liked more but I'm happy with that - especially after my little wobble the day before.

Was yours a NHS cycle? I think we are indeed in the same boat - from what I've read I don't think I'll be having my transfer until May. The hospital I'm at seem to do a really long drawn out FET starting on the previous cycle with down regging. I'm quite pissed off about it - the amount of drugs seems excessive. I chased last week and was told they'd send my follow up appt this week so I guess I'll know more soon.

Would be great to buddy up and try to keep sane together! Xx

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Bacon17 Tue 26-Feb-19 16:38:13

Hi burgerlady

That's great news about your embryos! I'm so pleased for you. It's a relief just to get to this point isn't it? Well, until the worry about the next bit sets in! I felt so relieved to get at least one, as by the time I got the call I'd convinced myself none had made it.

Yes, we're on our one and only NHS cycle. Are you on NHS? We've not been told anything about the FET really, other than that the consultant will decide whether to do it naturally or whether I need drugs. I have regular cycles, so the nurse hinted they might just go with my cycle but we've not had any explanation about any of it, which adds to the frustration. As much as it would be nice to do it naturally, I kind of feel that I want the drugs to give us the best chance possible, because this might be where my body is failing - if that makes sense? We're 'unexplained', so who knows what's going wrong in there.

Have they explained any of it to you? What drugs would they use?

Yes, let's try and get through the agonising waiting game together and hope that it goes quickly! xxx

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