After tests??

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ItNeverHappened Sun 17-Feb-19 21:00:14

Hi guys,
I just need to know what happens if my tests for scan and transvaginal come back normal? Ttc for a really long time but only just sorting it now, have my scan on 5th March and would just really like to know if they find everything’s okay what happens afterwards? Everyone seems to be having babies around me, just found out my 20 year old sister in law is due. Happy but heartbroken, call me selfish x

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physicskate Mon 18-Feb-19 08:03:55

It depends on exactly how long you've been ttc...

It was a year from my first Gyno apt that we started ivf. All results normal. We'd only been ttc about 16 months when we first saw the infertility clinic though.

ItNeverHappened Mon 18-Feb-19 19:25:25

Ttc for around 4 years but unprotected sex in few different relationships for around 10 years and not a peep. It seems like such a long road of waiting lists etc, heartbreaking x

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