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FrostedSnowdrops Sun 17-Feb-19 22:19:48

My experience with Colchester has been reasonably good. I wasn't on a waiting list long before I was seen either. I don't rate Broomfield that highly for most things if I am honest. No personal experience of gynaecology there though.

CloudSway Sun 17-Feb-19 08:58:48

First off, apologies as I just joined after lurking around for a while, and I haven't quite picked up all the abbreviations!

Me and DH have been ttc for 2yrs, went to our GP who did my blood and his sperm tests and has now referred us to a gynaecology dept, where we get to choose either Broomfield hospital or Colchester General hospital.

We want to start out with a bit of trust and get the best advice and most appropriate tests, so has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with either of these hospitals? Will it even matter, since I don't think I get nhs funding? Am I massively over thinking this already?!

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