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Different periods after HSG?

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Mollydog88 Sat 16-Feb-19 19:49:47

Had my hsg a few weeks ago after 2yrs+ of ttc. Found one completely blocked tube and we already know my husband has sperm issues.

Before this I’ve always has 5-7 days of spotting before AF - this month I’m 13dpo and no spotting at all. Tested this morning and BFN so I’m sure I’m not pregnant

Has anyone else had experience of periods being different after a Hsg? Can’t think of anything else that’s changed!

mariethecat Sat 16-Feb-19 23:27:14

My periods were always out of sync after HSGs - either ovulated really early or period delayed by upwards of a week x

Mollydog88 Sun 17-Feb-19 07:01:50

Thanks @mariecat, useful to know! I wonder why?!

sandytoes84 Sun 17-Feb-19 15:22:22

Yes me too. The first period I had after the HSG was horrendous, the worst I’ve ever experienced - I almost took myself to a and e I was in such pain. Then they were different for a couple of months.

DrunkWomamSolvongCrime Sun 17-Feb-19 16:26:11

I’ve started with a bit of bleeding and pain today but feel so breathless and exhausted and ill- glad to know it’s ‘normal’!

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