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Gynaecology referral - what to expect

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gill1810 Sat 16-Feb-19 01:56:35

Hi hoping someone can provide some information. I've been TTC for nearly 2 years and in January I went to the docs. I had blood test to check I was ovulating and they came back fine. My AF is pretty regular (between 29 and 31 days) and my husband had sperm tests which also came back normal. I have now been referred to a gynaecologist which is next week. Can someone tell me what it is they are looking for during this referral and what I should expect?

I'm nervous and any information would be great.

Thanks x

FrostedSnowdrops Sat 16-Feb-19 07:19:58

If you ovulate and his sperm is fine I imagine they might want to check if your tubes are clear. I had a hycosy for that.

My issue is PCOS, my tubes are fine, so I am now on clomid.

Kelly199 Sat 16-Feb-19 14:52:16

Hi frostedsnowdrips (hope you both don't mind me joining)
I'm in similar boat, partner had sa came back good. I've had bloods and not ovulating and hormone ratio over 3. Also had transvaginal scan confirming pcos. I had appt with gyn as ref by gp. Paid private for consultation to avoid wait, but still isn't until 01/03. Do you think they will check tubes and how long wait afterwards if so?
What else can I expect? As they know it's pcos, do they tend to put you straight on med?

FrostedSnowdrops Sat 16-Feb-19 16:23:17

Hi @Kelly199

It can really depend I think. My experience was that I had a hycosy whilst my DH had the SA done, and when we went back to the consultant she prescribed clomid for me. I had follicular scans for my first round of it and have blood tests for the next two.

I was put on 1500mg metformin back at the start of August too. Some clinicians seem more keen on it than others, I read that it can make your chance of miscarriage the same as someone without PCOS so was keen to take it. My cystic acne has completely gone since I started it. Some clinicians also want to monitor you on clomid but others just give you the meds and send you on your way. Its a shame how variable the experience can be.

They say losing 5% of your body weight can help fertility if you have PCOS. My BMI is under 21 so I haven't bothered to lose any, my consultant said there wouldn't be any point but I have considered doing it anyway to see if it helps!

I waited a few months between hycosy and clomid purely as they forgot to book me back in hmm but the wait should have been less.

Kelly199 Sat 16-Feb-19 19:06:08

Hi @FrostedSnowdrops
Thanks for all the info! Nice to know others experiences. The waiting game is horrible.
Will keep it all in mind, thank you.
Good luck with everything xx

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