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Fertility drugs for IVF

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CharlotteIVF Fri 15-Feb-19 23:21:47

Hi all,

I'm just about to start the IVF process (appointment on Monday with the nurse to go through the instructions for the injections etc). I've been told that you don't have to buy the fertility drugs at the clinic you're getting treatment and that it can be much cheaper to source them elsewhere.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where I should start looking? I don't know exactly what I need yet, will find out on Monday, but would be good to shop around a bit to get an idea in the meantime. My acupuncturist said ASDA and Tesco's actually do it for a good price (which was a big surprise!).

Any tips or thoughts on this would be really appreciated!

Thanks so much


Maybe2019 Fri 15-Feb-19 23:56:22

Yes try Asda pharmacy, also Stork and Fertility2u. Google them all. They'll come up. Asda were kind enough to give me a quote without sending my prescription first, however Stork and Fertility2u require you to email them a copy of your prescription before providing you with a quote.

Good luck on your cycle! X

FairyMoppings Sat 16-Feb-19 00:01:59

Try Healthcare At Home

I used to work on their fertility team (a few yrs ago). Far cheaper to buy direct than through your fertility clinic, as the clinic take a cut

CharlotteIVF Sun 17-Feb-19 11:03:22

Thanks so much @Maybe2019 and @FairyMoppings, that's super helpful!

AniSL Mon 18-Feb-19 20:19:41

Bought mine from Stork, amazed they were considerably cheaper than other places. Do shop around.

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