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Day 3 embryos at 9 cells... what are our chances of getting to blast?

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closephine85 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:19:33

Soooo we had a hideous round of ivf a few months ago, where despite having 6 embryos on day 3 (5,6,7,7,7 & 8 cells) NONE of them made it to blast. Today on our day 3 update we have 5 embryos (5,6,9,9 & 9 cells with one starting to compact). Initially i was viewing this as progress but now google is telling me that 8 cells on day 3 is what is viewed as ideal.

I know I can’t second guess this, I know I just have to wait and see but the wait is excruciating and I just wondered what the general opinion would be on today’s day 3 vs the previous.

We had another round a couple of years ago and got 4 blasts from that (those were 8 cells on day 3) but all resulted in BFN. I’m 33 and AMH is good.

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