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IVF self fund vs private: what made you choose your clinic?

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Kitkat369 Fri 15-Feb-19 13:34:30

Hi, so I’m going to be 41 and due to start new job next month. I’m thinking after couple months if still no natural conception I may go ivf route. Unfortunately being in Croydon I don’t getting nhs funding for ivf so I either have to go nhs as self funded patient at my local hospital or pay potentially 2k more for private side. Ideally I’d like to go with nhs self funded as they will do endo scratch which wouldn’t cost but then I’m worried my long protocol wouldn’t be as tailored as say what private clinic would do. Money has been tight so a part of me thinks go with nhs side but then I’m worried service won’t be as good. They say they are cheaper compared to private as they can get better price on drugs at nhs rates. However their hours are only 8.30-4.30pm mon to fri.

The nhs side are partnered with London Women’s Clinic in Harley st. So whilst my monitoring and egg collection is done at Croydon hospital my husband would have to take my eggs to London women’s clinic in Harley st where rest procedure is done such as culture and egg transfer. A part of me thinks if LWC are already involved maybe better go as self funded rather than pay much more as full private.

Has anyone gone with nhs as self funding patient or full private ivf clinic? What made you decide which clinic? I feel quite stuck really and right now feel money is impacting my decision but then I keep thinking “you get what you pay for” and think it won’t work.

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