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No bleed after chemical pregnancy

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A280 Fri 15-Feb-19 08:12:11

Hi all! I had my second round of icsi in December that lead to a chemical pregnancy. ☹️ I was having my hcg levels monitored every few days and saw levels drop.

I had slight spotting early January followed by only half a day of bleeding. It wasn’t particularly heavy and had 1/2 small clots. Since then ive had nothing and all side effects of meds etc have gone. The lining has obviously not shed.

The doctor prescribed my mifepristone and misoprosotol to help shed my lining. I was all ready to have a heavy bleed but - nothing!!!

That was two weeks ago and still nothing. I went for an vaginal ultrasound scan and the lining is still thick but not as thick as it was during the egg transfer so some has shed but a huge part still there

Has this happened to anyone and what do you do? Im so eager to have the lining shed as we want to try icsi again and can’t plan anything till i bleed. Also emotionally if I see a bleed can accept that it’s definitely over if that makes sense- the anxiety is awful

Thank you xx

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